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  • More Movement Happening for United States Online Poker Players

    Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 by Ryan

The online poker world has been in a bit of an up and down over the past few months, especially for United States online players. There have been even more moves that have came out recently though, and it directly relates to US players. Players from the United States on four poker rooms that currently are a part of the Revolution Poker Network are going to be moved to playing under a different single site. The biggest move out of all of these sites is going to be Cake Poker, but it will also include Hilife Poker, Fugu Poker, and Colt Poker, who will all be joining up with the site Juicy Stakes Poker. The move will be done this week as well, and is set to happen on Thursday, September 27th.

In the past five months, this will now be the second time that Cake Poker has moved around. This move though will ONLY be for United States players, and the remainder of the players can still stay with the other sites. The previous move saw the large online poker site Lock Poker make a move that featured them leaving the Merge Gaming Network, and actually acquiring the Cake Poker Network, and the site as well. After this was done, Lock decided to change the Cake Poker Network to the Revolution Poker Network, but the software for the site remained the same, with some slight upgrades.

Revolution does things quite a bit different than many of the other online poker networks do, as some of their sites allow United States players, but not all of them. Colt Poker who is involved in the move has also been featured in some player movements also, which included them taking the United States players from PowerPoker, which is a room at the Revolution Poker Network, which at the time was the Cake Poker Network.

This move is an interesting one, as the site will now be moving players from the CakePoker.eu site, which is considered to be safe from the United States Department of Justice because of the “dot eu” attached to it. The move now will put the players at JuiceStakesPoker.com, which leaves quite a few questions surrounding why this move is taking place like it is. Juicy Stakes Poker has been known as a good option for players in the United States though, so it should be a move that players won’t have much issue with.

Currently, the Revolution Poker Network is in 10th for the largest poker room network in the game based on cash game traffic. They also are the largest poker network that allows United States players as well. Nothing major about the move has been put out just yet, so the news was just recently announced. It should be interesting to see the combined numbers on Juicy Stakes, and I’m interested to hear the reasoning behind why the move was made by the Revolution Poker Network. We’ll keep you updated on any additional news that comes out about the move, and also any information that we receive behind the reasoning for this big move as well.




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