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  • Multi Prizepool Poker Kicks Off in 2013

    Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 by Ryan

It seems that as the months roll on, there are new and exciting types of poker that are created and brought into both the online casino world, and the live casinos all over the world as well. We’ve talked about a recent type of poker that was created where you are going to play two different hands with two different chip stacks, which is a type of poker that has the potential to grow very popular, or could end up growing very confusing and may end up falling off. Only time will tell on that one, but now we are hearing about another new type of poker called Multi Prizepool Poker. The Multi Prizepool Poker is different than Multi Action Poker (what is mentioned above), and the new poker was created by a poker pro named Roberto Romanello, and we are going to take an in-depth look at it below.

As you can imagine, the idea behind Multi Prizepool Poker is almost spot on to what you’d assume. It is one tournament that is going to have different prizepools that players will play for. There are going to be three different buy-in’s right off the bat for these tournament styles, and any player in the tournament will be eligible to win the prizepool that has the lowest buy-in. Players at the higher buy-ins are also going to be able to win money from the other two prize pools though, as long as they buy-in for the additional money needed for the two higher levels in the tournament.

One of the best ways to sum up how this would work, is if a player who buys in at the first level wins the tournament, then they will take down the prize for only that first level of play. Now if a player who has bought in at the second level of tournaments wins, this means that they scoop both the level one and level two prize pools, potentially bringing in a nice pay day. The largest of all though would be if a player buys in to all three different levels of the tournament takes down the win, then they would win the three different prize pools offered.

If the level one winner has only bought into that first level, then there would be another winner for the level two and level three prize pools though. This means that even if you end up finishing something like eighth place in a tournament, you may be the only one who bought into the third level of tournaments, so you would still end up getting the first place pay day at the end of the day.

Many people are curious about where the idea of Multi Prizepool Poker came from, but the general idea behind it is to make sure that the low stakes poker tournament players, or the low stakes grinders can play in tournaments with higher stakes poker players as well. This is also going to make it so that the tournament fields will increase and can build up some nice pay outs for the top finishers in the event. So instead of having multiple different poker tournaments with players being spread out among the three of them, there can be one single tournament with large pay days awarded, and the chance for one player to scoop a huge pay day as well.

The action for the Multi Prizepool Poker is going to start off at the beginning of 2013 on January 10th. It will begin at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn casino, and the first tournament held is going to be a £5,000 guaranteed tournament for players. We can only assume that if this tournament goes well that the events are going to continue to grow, and that we could see more Multi Prizepool Poker tournaments coming up all over the place. It’d be very interested to see if this type of tournament could get popular enough to find its way into some of the popular poker series’ out there like the World Series of Poker as well. After the tournament wraps up, we’ll give you a recap on how the action went and what the game plan is moving forward.




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