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  • Multi Table Poker Tournament Mistakes to Avoid

    Saturday, October 8th, 2011 by Ryan

One of the more interesting poker strategies to consider is how to play multi-table tournaments. But instead of going into how to play a multi-table tournament, we are going to cover three of the most common mistakes that occur, which can be easy to avoid. Mistakes in tournament play can really make or break the event in the end, especially if you are short on chips or are close to the bubble.

*Calling Three Bets Pre-Flop With Average Hands*

This can be a very tough spot, as folding before the flop is one of the toughest things to do; especially if you are holding a hand like King-Jack or a low pocket pair. If you raise it up pre-flop and are three bet, you have to consider quite a few different things in the hand. First off, you have to consider your chip stack to see how much you would be left with if you call the three bet. You also need to be sure to consider your opponents stack as well. In this spot, unless you are a deep stack, it’s probably a better idea to just lay down your hand to avoid giving away any chips. Now on the other side of it, if you are a deep stack and your opponent has been incredibly aggressive, or if you feel like you can outplay your opponent post flop; it may not be a bad idea to flat call.

*Playing Out of Position*

Playing out of position is one thing that most poker players will struggle with. Whether you call out of position pre-flop, or play the hand out of position post flop, it can put you in a tough spot regardless. That’s why in most situations it is just a better idea to avoid playing out of position in tournament play all together. Maybe you’re fairly short stacked or you have a medium sized stack and you pick up that Queen-Jack; it may look nice, but folding in this situation under the gun, is definitely the safer move. You can save your chips for better spots and better situations.

*Bluffing Into Multiple Players*

Say that you raise it up with a middle pocket pair, and are called by the button and the small blind, so there are three players remaining in the hand. At that point, if you are out flopped with two or three high cards; continuation betting as a bluff into two players will hurt you more than it will help you. Even if you are ahead of both of them, it could still go badly, and you’re definitely at more of a risk than you need to be in. It’s better just to check and hope to see another card, or just let the hand go in the end.

While all three of these situations can be tough to avoid, the most common times that these mistakes are made are if you are a short stack. You have many more options as a deep stack in a tournament, because you are able to put the pressure on your opponents with raises, and three bets.




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