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  • NBC’s Face The Ace Faces Problems

    Monday, September 21st, 2009 by t2admin

NBC’s new poker show Face The Ace has been recently plagued with a few problems which could determine whether the show continues to air on television. The new show has faced questions over its popularity as well as its origins.

Face the Ace sees Full Tilt Poker pros up against online qualifiers who are hoping to win $1 million. the contestants must face all the aces and beat them in heads up play to earn the $1 million pay day. The show has received bad reviews among poker circles for not showing enough poker action as well as hyping up the not so amazing heads up matches.
The first few episodes had very low ratings so NBC decided to change the show to feature more interaction from the audience. But changing the show to up the ratings may be the least of the new shows worries.

A report from TMZ recently came out that said NBC is subject to a lawsuit for $85 million from a guy named Brandon McSmith. McSmith claims that two years ago he came up with the idea for a show about wannabe poker players compete against pros that were hidden behind doors. These players would be competing for a seat to the World Series of Poker.
Smith says he pitched his television show idea to a company called Poker Productions but they rejected the idea. Now, two years later, Face The Ace is created on the same premise and was created by Poker Productions.

It sounds like Face The Ace has more than its share of problems. According to reports the show did so badly in ratings that a re-run of the popular children’s movie Finding Nemo had more viewers. It will be interesting to see if things change for NBC and the new show as well as what will happen with the current lawsuit, but only time will tell.




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