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  • Nevada Attorneys Say State’s First Regulations Draft for Legalizing Online Poker a Smart Move

    Friday, September 16th, 2011 by t2admin

Nevada released its first regulations draft developed for interactive gaming within the state. This is a detailed framework that addresses most of the crucial aspects pertaining to online gaming. Some of these are internal controls, application and licensing requirements, dispute resolution, registration requirements for customers and self-exclusion rules.

Nevada on Right Track

Attorneys from one of the biggest law firms in Nevada stated that this is the right approach to entering the online poker scene. If the federal government makes online poker legal, the state could benefit quite a lot. According to the attorney, the state’s move could give it the status of being the first jurisdiction in the nation to have licensed and regulated online poker.

The first set of regulations set forth by the state will be considered by the gaming regulators in Nevada. This will take place in a public workshop that will happen this month. The key aim is to establish an internet poker regulation structure by early next year – before the Congress can take actions to legalize it.

The attorney from Lionel Sawyer & Collins mentioned that the state that captures the online poker market first will have a great advantage. He participated in a seminar on online gaming, at the University of Nevada. The attorney said that the computers, servers and software required for internet gaming are big and expensive. So, once they are brought to Nevada, they are not likely to be sent back.

The law firm has a gaming practice, of which all its attorneys are a part. They stated that the proposed regulations also have rules for accounting, technology approvals and suitability. The first draft doesn’t include permitting the issuance of markers or credit play. This is unlike what customers who go to the casinos on the Strip are provided.

Need for Affiliation with Nevada Approved Casinos

To be allowed access to players in the US, internet gaming companies will have to be affiliated with a casino company licensed in Nevada. According to the regulations, an online casino should be associated with a traditional land-based casino. According to another attorney, this could be to ensure that casinos in Nevada have a place in the whole online poker scenario.

Several online poker room operators had affiliation deals with casino operators in Nevada, in April. Full Tilt Poker had an agreement with one of Fertitta Gaming’s companies, while PokerStars had a deal with Wynn Resorts Ltd. However, after the poker rooms’ operators were indicted, the deals were withdrawn. Companies like Full Tilt Poker who had accepted players from the US after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006, are likely to be prohibited from accessing US gamblers even if online poker gets federal approval. In such a situation, these online poker rooms may have the option of selling their US players’ databases to poker companies that get licensed.

If online poker is made legal, two companies could stand to benefit as they still have affiliations. They are International Game Technology and Caesar’s Entertainment Corp. The former is affiliated to 888 Gaming, while the latter to a gaming company based in Sweden.




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