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  • New Campaign In Process at Doyles Room

    Monday, August 24th, 2009 by t2admin

Doyles Room is one of the most popular online poker rooms and they are about to get even more popular. The site has announced the beginning of a new campaign that will feature the best in online young talent. Doyles Room will use the new talent to bring in new customers and keep the site fresh and revitalized.
The Brunson 10 is the name of the new campaign to be launched by Doyles Room and the new vice president of global marketing for the poker room, Will Griffiths, commented that he is currently recruiting players under the age of twenty five for the 10. The players should be “achieving at the highest level, and who have potential at becoming future legends.”

The 10 member group already has three members which were handpicked to join the group. Alec Torelli, Amit Makhija and Zach Clark are the first members to make the team. in the next few months the final seven players will be chosen and announced by Doyles Room. Griffiths commented that each player in the group will sign a contract and the contract will say that each player of the team will be rewarded as the poker room grows.

This incentive was created to give the new group a boost to make the poker room the best it can be. The players will not only play online and at tournaments but they will also advise the site on how it can be better for players.

Zach Clark commented: “it’s definitely just such an honor to be selected by them as one of the 10. I’m definitely going to try and live up to it.” Torelli also commented that the reason he joined the team was because the group was so exclusive.




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