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  • New Jersey Poker Rooms Now Supported by Poker Tracker 4

    Thursday, February 6th, 2014 by Ryan

In the online poker world, there aren’t many things that can give you a read on the players who you are playing against, unless you can somehow remember screen names and take notes specifically on players. Although some sites are going to allow you to take notes and tag players as specific types of players, one of the best ways to get an edge and know how a player typically plays, will be a poker tracking program.

One of the most popular poker tracking programs out there today is PokerTracker, and they have recently released PokerTracker 4, or PT4. PokerTracker 4 was originally released to just the larger online poker sites and online poker networks out there, but there was just recently a change made so that poker players who play in the state of New Jersey are now going to be able to use the tracker if they choose to.

The info that came out about the release of PokerTracker features info about the new version, which is PokerTracker 4.10.8. This includes the “official support for the USA Regulated Market in New Jersey.” The two sites that are connected with the Party Borgata Network, in BorgataPoker.com, and nj.PartyPoker.com , are going to be detected automatically after the players go through the set up process with PokerTracker 4. The same way that things run for all other online poker sites will stand true for the New Jersey players, as all games and tournaments will be supported for tracking.

PokerTracker made sure to put out information about any site that falls under New Jersey now. They stated in a press release that “PokerTracker 4 is compliant within the regulatory framework provided by the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement.” They also went on to say that they are “proud to support New Jersey’s historic step forward into the online poker industry.” They are the first tracking software to be allowed in New Jersey. On that same note, the biggest competition to PokerTracker absolutely is Hold’em Manager (HM), and to this point they currently haven’t done anything for the New Jersey online poker sites.

With that being said though, some of the sites should still be able to use Hold’em Manager, but we aren’t positive as to which ones. A Hold’em Manager representative on the Two Plus Two poker forum stated that they don’t “officially support any NJ sites yet”, but went on to say that their understanding is that both “HM1 and HM2 will work with Borgata/Party, as their software is identical to their international software.”

On that note, WSOP and 888 have changed their hand history format so the hands will not import from there. For the players in New Jersey, PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager are going to give you the opportunity to do things that you typically wouldn’t be able to at your online poker site. The first of which is to track your sessions, so you’ll know exactly where you stand in terms of being up or down in profit. The next is that it will analyze the hands that you play, so that you know how you played hands both good and bad against opponents. You can keep track of the actual opponents’ tendencies as well, which is definitely huge in online poker, since it’s hard to remember players by screen names.

One of the best parts of these trackers though has to be the HUDs, or the Heads-Up Displays. This is going to give you information about your opponents and how they play their hands based on data that’s been gathered over time. The HUD will sit on top of the players names at the tables so you know exactly what you are up against. Knowing how to play against specific types of players, and when to make moves is key in online poker, and the HUD will help make decisions easier.

Some people feel that the use of HUDs and other tracking software isn’t “ethical”. These players are going to say that being able to gather this information and use it gives a player an unfair advantage over the other players at the table. Mainly it states that you can’t use something like this at a live table, but the supporters are going to say that they aren’t breaking any rules, and also that the trackers are available to any player who chooses to use them. Online poker is also completely different than live poker in quite a few ways as you can imagine.




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