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  • New Online Poker Team Coming to Poker Stars

    Monday, December 14th, 2009 by t2admin

Poker Stars is known as the number one poker room for several reasons: the awesome land tournaments all over the world, the online tournaments and of course their team of poker pros. The online poker room will soon be known for another reason: the new online poker team they are about to launch.

PokerStars Supernova VIP online players have been invited by the online poker room to fill out an application to be considered to be part of the newest online poker team at PokerStars. the invites were sent out back in September. PokerStars stated that only twenty five of the more than five thousand Supernova’s would be earning a spot on the new team.

Poker Stars was supposed to announced the new poker team last week but plans were changed. The online poker giant announced that there was going to be a delay and announced a new date for the new online poker team announcement. The new PokerStars team will be announced sometime on or after December 23rd.

The new online team has been chosen, according to a spokesperson from PokerStars, and they have all been contacted. Poker Stars is currently working on the player’s bios as well as taking photographs. These items will be up for viewing to the public once the team has been announced. This way, fans of the online poker site can enjoy getting to know the new players. The spokesperson also announced that contracts are being signed as we type so this is also a reason for the delay.

At any rate, the new online poker team created from Supernova’s at PokerStars is sure to be very exciting for both the players who made the team and PokerStars themselves. It will be very exciting to see which Supernovas made the team and how well they perform once the team begins to participate in events.




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