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  • Noah Schwartz Wins 2012 WPT bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble Main Event

    Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 by Ryan

In all of the craziness that is going on in the poker world with the World Series of Poker Main Event just coming to a close, and Full Tilt Poker’s relaunch, as well as the announcement that the FTOPS series is going to be back with a full head of steam, there have been some other stories getting a bit lost in the mix. It’s a crazy time in the poker world right now, and the most recent bit of news to come out has to do with the World Poker Tour and the winner of one of their big time tournaments. The WPT bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble Main Event was down to its final table, and one player definitely stood above the rest when the action started out for an interesting final table with a good mix of solid players.

When the day began at the final table, Noah Schwartz was holding right around half of the total chips in play, and he was able to slowly work his way into a heads up match. He wasn’t mixing it up too often before getting into heads up play, but when he got there he had to do some work in order to get the job done, take down the title, and win the nice first place cash of $402,970. The final table started with six players (standard for World Poker Tour events), and Schwartz was holding 6,255,000 chips, while second place was way, way behind with only 1,965,000 chips, and this was Hans Winzeler. Third place was being held by Brian Senie to start the day with 1,865,000 chips, fourth was Lee Markholt with 1,720,000, fifth was Ryan Hartmann with 1,400,000, and sixth place was Byron Kaverman with 1,075,000 chips.

The action started off fast, and it featured Schwartz growing his lead even larger than it already was to start. When Hans Winzeler raised the action up pre-flop to 80,000, Brian Senie then three-bet it up to 200,000. Schwartz jumped right in on the action by throwing out a four bet of 570,000 and then Lee Markholt five bet all in up to 1.715 million total. This is pretty shocking that this was the first hand of the final table, showing that we were ready for a big night of poker. Schwartz was the only caller, an he turned over pocket Queens against the A-K off of Markholt. By the time the turn came, Markholt had a straight draw and a flush draw, but was unable to hit anything and was sent home in 6th place, and propelled Schwartz’s stack up to around 8 million.

From this point, the other players were really just looking for spots to double up, but Senie was the next one sent home when he found himself all in with Q-10 against the K-10 of Schwartz to go home in 5th place. Winzeler went home next in fourth place, and was knocked off by Byron Kaverman. After this when three handed play began, things got interesting as Kaverman had already doubled up once. He found himself with a stack of over 5 million chips, and he was within striking distance of the chip leader at this point. Kaverman then went on to knock out Ryan Hartmann in third place to set up a heads up match that was much closer than many people would have guessed, as Kaverman actually had a lead of 7.16 million to 7.1 million chips.

The two players went back and forth at each other’s stacks for a few hands, and it seemed like we could be in for a long match. All of the sudden though, a sudden hammer dropped and the 12th hand saw the action come to an end. When Kaverman raised the action to 250,000, Schwartz called which led to a 10h-9s-3h board. Kaverman bet out 400,000 and Schwartz made the call, the turn was the 4s and Kaverman bet 700,000, which led to a raise to 1.925 from Schwartz. Kaverman then shoved it all in and Schwartz called. Schwartz was holding the Q-10 of spades for a flush draw and top pair, while Kaverman had 10c-9c for the top two pair, the river was a Qc though giving Schwartz the pot and the win. Kaverman took second place and the $236,592 pay day, while Schwartz was crowned as the champ.




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