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  • Oboodi Takes Down WPT Borgata Poker Open Title

    Sunday, September 25th, 2011 by Ryan

The World Poker Tour’s Borgata Open was a record breaking event, as it held an impressive 1,313 total players, and also had an incredible prize pool of more than $4 million. With the huge prize pool, players were definitely looking to put forward their best few days of play in order to get to the final table of the event; which would guarantee all six players more than six figures. The grand prize was set to pay out nearly $1 million to the winner, which is an incredibly impressive first place prize for the largest WPT event in history. While the event featured some excellent play, and the final table did as well, tensions were at an all time high, which became very evident when Fred Goldberg got into it with fans of Bobby Oboodi on the rail.

Goldberg decided to have a few words for the supporters of Oboodi because of their loud celebrations, and Goldberg ended up going to the rail and taking part in a major argument, which made the casino security step in and actually force two members from the rail to leave. This situation didn’t sit well with Goldberg, who was the chip leader at the time. Goldberg became tilted by what happened, and was only able to hold on until he was eliminated in 4th place. He still took home an impressive $280k for his strong efforts, but it was Oboodi who stayed calm, cool, and collected throughout the event to take down the win. Oboodi may not have the largest name out there in the poker world today, but he’s a well known cash game player on the east coast; and could be a name to watch over the next few years.

The day began with Oboodi and Goldberg holding down a major chip lead with over 11 million chips as the final table began. The other four players, Darren Elias, Ricky Hale, Daniel Buzgon, and Jim Hwang, were all left with a tough task of catching these two players. One of the best stories of the event comes from Jim Hwang though, who entered the final table as the short stack, but made it all the way to heads up play against Oboodi. Hwang took a chip lead two hands into heads up play, but the chip lead went back and forth throughout, ending with Oboodi taking it down many hands later.

While Oboodi took down the prize of $922,441; Hwang took home $554,303 for second place, Daniel Buzgon won $335,433 for third, Fred Goldberg won $280,925 for fourth, Darren Elias won $230,610 for fifth, and Ricky Hale won $186,585 for sixth.

The World Poker Tour will now move to the Foxwoods Resort Casino on the 27th of October for the World Poker Finals. This event is the one event at the WPT which still features a $10,000 buy in, while the other events now feature lower buy-ins of $3,500. With the Borgata Open breaking the attendance record for all WPT events, it will be interesting to see what the World Poker Finals can do next month.




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