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    Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 by Ryan

In the world of online poker, we’ve seen a ton of different things in terms of the evolution of the game. While we started with cash games, grew to online poker tournaments, and saw things like different types of tournaments and cash games come out, it has just continued to grow from that point. Currently some of the largest poker tournaments in the world can actually be found at some of the top online poker rooms, and we’ve actually seen poker rooms come up with different tournament series’ as well for the players. Overall, online poker is gaining an incredible following, and this is even after Black Friday hit the United States hard back in 2012.

One type of online poker that has picked up steam and popularity has to be the addition of turbo poker. Turbo poker has been added to some of the biggest and best online poker rooms and poker networks in the world. The newest network to add the popular type of poker is the Ongame poker network, as they are now officially releasing their fast-fold poker which is called “Strobe Poker”. Strobe Poker came out on all of their skins on Tuesday morning, and you’ll find that it has twenty different names that saw Strobe get added, including the likes of Goalwin, Bettson, and Betsafe as well.

While the new style of poker isn’t being released massively just yet, you can find it offered at two different limits to kick things off, including the $0.05/$0.10 limits as well as the $0.15/$0.30 limits, and there have been a good number of players throughout the different skins that are trying out the game to see what it’s like. There will also be higher stakes offered through the OnGame network within the next few weeks more than likely. One perk that players seem to really enjoy is the fact that, just like many other sites who have turbo poker, that you can play more than one table at a time, and currently you’ll find that you can play two tables at once for now.

The idea behind fast-fold poker is that players don’t have to sit and wait for the hand to play out in front of them before they are dealt into a new hand. You have the option of folding when it gets to you and being sent to a new table, or simply using the quick fold option to fold at anytime and then move over to another table right away. Interestingly, while most online poker sites offer six handed poker tables, this network currently offers five handed tables, which will be available through Strobe as well.

There have been many different sites that have offered this type of poker, including the Rush Poker which was originally started by Full Tilt Poker, but since that point we’ve seen PokerStars come along with Zoom, Microgaming come out with Blaze, PartyPoker come out with FastForward, and iPoker also come out with Speed Poker. This fast-fold style of poker is going to be available through android devices as well currently where they are available, which is a nice added touch.

While there are many new things coming out about Strobe Poker, something interesting that is worth talking about is what RedKings is offering for example to their Strobe players. There is going to be a $15k Strobe Challenge that will kick off on March 11th, and for starters, any player who rakes at least 10 Strobe hands is going to get a ticket into a $2,500 Strobe Freeroll. Also, if you finish in the top 500 of the leaderboard then you will get a share of a nice prize pool that is worth $12,500.

We’ll have to keep you updated on the status of how Strobe Poker goes with the OnGame network, but it’s safe to assume that even if there are things that need to be modified or updated after the initial release, that the network is going to make the changes that are needed to perfect this popular game. If the other sites and their popular versions are any indication, then the OnGame network probably made a very smart move.




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