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  • Online Poker in New Jersey Off to Solid Start

    Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 by Ryan

The most recent talks in the poker world have mainly been about a few big tournaments that are running in different locations around the world, and also about the launch of online poker in the state of New Jersey. Regulated online poker has been going for about a week now in New Jersey, and many people are curious to see how things are going with the new sites. The best way to answer it is that things are going good to this point, and that things seem to be continuously growing, with online poker in New Jersey definitely looking like it’s heading in the right direction. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that we have an online poker juggernaut on our hands just yet, but possibly down the road we could be looking at some great online poker in the United States

Sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are obviously still going to be taking the cake in almost all aspects of the online poker world, and they don’t seem to be giving that up anytime soon. We can’t really expect that to happen this early on with the new regulated online poker sites in New Jersey though. Remember there are definitely the geographic constraints, as well as other constraints that are still in place for New Jersey online poker, but things are still going well for the brand new start. We’ve actually already seen two New Jersey online poker sites overtake all Nevada online poker rooms in terms of their cash game traffic, which is stellar in just one week of business.

One of the most impressive sites in New Jersey has to be the Party Borgata network, which features by of the bwin.party online poker sites in New Jersey, which are Boragatpoker.com, and NJ.PartyPoker.com. This site has seen their seven day cash game average players jump up to 170 players, which is only 20 less than the Revolution Gaming Network, who as you know, has been around for a good while now. Revolution takes players from all over the world, including the United States as well. WSOP.com has a seven day average of cash game players of 130, and when you put the two together, you are going to see that this makes up almost all of the cash game poker traffic in the state of New Jersey. Party Borgata alone makes up over half.

When you look at WSOP.com in Nevada, you are going to see that they have a seven day average of 110 cash game players, and Ultimate Poker, which was actually the first site to launch in Nevada, has dropped to just 85 players. The addition of WSOP.com in Nevada has definitely put a hit on Ultimate Poker, and it seems that this site is going to need to make some big changes in order to keep pace with WSOP.com, and also any other sites that come along soon.

Back to New Jersey poker though, as we’ve seen Party Borgata and WSOP.com both going in the right direction in terms of daily peak traffic. The official launch date of Party Borgata was on November 26th, and their peak traffic was 295 cash game players. We saw a drop a bit the day after Thanksgiving, which isn’t surprising, but the number has kept going up each day. Yesterday there was a total peak of 501 players. WSOP.com has seen a few down days happen though, but they are still going upwards. When the site first started they were peaking with more players than Party Borgata, as they had 300 players. They dropped the next few days, and then picked it back up from there. Currently you can field WSOP’s most recent peak number of cash game players being 384.

While these two online poker sites in New Jersey have been absolutely stellar, it’s been a big drop from there for the other sites. The All American Poker Network (888poker.com) has struggled with a seven day average of just 28 players, and Ultimate Poker has only 20 cash game players. The Golden Nugget has yet to go live, but we should see them come along soon. There are a few other companies such as Revel and the Atlantic Club who are not moving forward due to finances, and Resorts International and PokerStars have yet to get regulatory approval.




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