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  • Online Poker Legend Triumphs at APPT Macau

    Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 by Nadia

Randy Lew, widely known by his online poker alias ‘Nanonoko’, emerged victorious at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour stop at Macau. Lew has earned a reputation on the online poker scene for having spent years perfecting his skills. He was a member of PokerStars’ online team and from 2007 to 2010 and a Supernova elite member of the site.

Starting Out in the Poker World

‘Nanonoko’ was first used during Lew’s college years. He initially wagered little but was quite determined to win. He quickly became a force to be reckoned with on the online poker circuit. Once Lew discovered PokerStars’ Elite program, he was determined to be a member. PokerStars was in the practice of awarding their largest earning players multiple prizes. These included cash, gifts and packages to live tournaments.

To earn his elite status, Lew began playing multi-table games. Starting out slow, he eventually worked his way up to playing 24 tables simultaneously. Because of this tactic, he didn’t have to play games with high stakes and often competed at games which had buy-ins of only $5 to $10. According to reports, Lew has won more than $2.3 million through online games, excluding the rewards he was given as one of the Supernova Elite.

Effects of Black Friday

Randy was on track to be a Supernova Elite once again in 2011. However, Black Friday prevented him from fulfilling that goal. When PokerStars U.S operations were shut down, Lew was building a house and performing his signature grinding tactics. A PokerStars player, he was unable to play on the site after this. He eventually decided to shift to Vancouver, resuming his online poker identity in September 2011. He began his new run with a Sit and Go tournament hosted by PokerStars with a $1.50 buy-in. Randy succeeded in winning second place, which multiplied his buy-in wager by two.

Lew’s Performance at APPT Macau

Entering the APPT main event final table game as a short stack, Lew was almost eliminated at 9th place. He played an intense hand against David Steicke. In it, Lew held two queens and had wagered all his chips. Steicke held two aces and things looked grim for Lew. Luckily, he drew another queen and was able to double his stack at Steicke’s expense.

Lew then found himself facing Jimmy Pan in heads-up play. He was leading chips-wise by a small margin but soon went all-in, holding two 6s. Pan was holding A-9 at the time. The pair of 6s was able to keep Lew in the game and helped him hold onto lead. Lee managed to grab a big lead when he upped his stack to 13 million.

During the final hand, both Pan and Lew went all-in over the Qh-Ts-8s flop. Lew’s Qd-Tc were up against Kd-Qs. The turn card was 5c. To win, Pan required the river to turn up a king. Unfortunately for him, the river card was Jc. Pan left the tournament at second place, taking home $304,106.




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