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  • Online Poker Site Claims Stake in Pius Heinz

    Friday, November 11th, 2011 by Ryan

The World Series of Poker Main Event finally came to an end this past Wednesday morning, very early on. It didn’t take long for some news to come out about the tournament though, and this bit of news relates to the Main Event Champion, and new holder of a gold bracelet, Pius Heinz. It seems that a Russian poker site has said that it actually bought a huge stake of Heinzs’ action in order to buy in to the massive $10,000 event. The poker site is called Pokeroff, and a member of the site said that they had bought a very big part of his action. While the buy-in to the event was $10,000, many online poker players choose to get a staker for the event in order to not have to pay the whole buy-in. In return, if you win or cash the event, you would pay back your staker that percentage of the winnings.

This online poker site apparently also put their action in on more than just Heinz as well, as they are said to have also bought shares in three other bracelet winners from this years World Series, including players that you may know such as Joe Ebanks and Amir Lehavot. There was none bigger of course than Heinz though, who not only won that beautiful gold bracelet, but also took home the $8.7 million grand prize, which if he was stakes, he will indeed be giving back a nice payday to his staker.

If you are a fan of the numbers, you’ll find this number pretty amazing. The site apparently staked 170 players (pretty impressive), in a total of 2,915 events (very, very impressive). This essentially makes up a total staking of more than $1 million one of the sites’ members said. This site is actually a Russian poker site, and has been around for seven years. It works similar to many other sites that offer staking, as there is a section where members and players can head to in order to get backing for their tournament action. Players will then sell their action to whoever is interested, and can sell specific shares.

Interestingly, Heinzs’ action wasn’t taken on the Main Event right off the bat, due to the fact that he didn’t offer it. Originally, he decided to look for stakers on events like the $1k and $1.5k entry tournaments, and after he finished in the final table of the $1,500 event, he put up a post looking to sell his Main Event shares. While this site is a Russian poker site mainly, they do accept offers from players outside of the country, and are open to staking a wide range of players.

This site has had some good runs in terms of players, as they backed David Vamplew for the European Poker Tour London event, Galen Hall for the PCA, and Ben Wilinofsky for the European Poker Tour Berlin event. Of course, the 2011 World Series of Poker is complete, but the 2012 WSOP will have satellites running up until the start in June, so keep your eye open and be prepared to get in on the action!




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