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    Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 by Ryan

The online poker world is taking a hit, and it’s been consistently taking a
hit over recent weeks it seems. While online poker is something that
players all over the United States badly want to see legalized, it doesn’t
seem like the traffic numbers not only in the United States, but all over
the world, are really showing how much the players really enjoy the game of
online poker. The recent news about online poker traffic is really just
the fact that the traffic has continued to do what it has been doing for
the past 12 weeks (almost consistently). What we mean by this is that the
online poker cash game traffic has been on the decline, and it’s not
showing signs of turning around any time soon.

The popular PokerScout.com, which tracks online cash game play put out
their traffic update recently, and it showed what many people were
expected, another decline in traffic. The reason why this is so expected
at this point is that we are now looking at the eighth week in a row that
the traffic has decreased, and this is also the 11th time in the last 12
weeks that the numbers have gone down as well. While the decline this week
against last week wasn’t a big one, as it was only 0.1 percent, it’s still
the fact that the numbers continue to decrease that have many worried.

Now, if you really want to see a major decline in terms of the numbers,
then look back at last year during this same time period, and you’ll see
around a 12 percent decrease in traffic over the one year span. Even
though the numbers are declining for online poker though, that doesn’t mean
that every online poker site is struggling, and a prime example of that has
to be PokerStars, who consistently finds themselves at the top of the

By consistently, we mean that they are simply dominating the competition.
PokerStars is going to be at the top of those rankings for a very, very
long time I’m sure as well. They are currently sitting with a seven day
average of 21,500 cash game players, and the next closest to them comes in
with only 2,300 players in 888poker. After 888 we see PartyPoker and then
the iPoker Network, which each average 2,000 players. Full Tilt Poker is
next on the list with 1,900 players, but they are actually owned by
PokerStars, so we should give PokerStars the bulk of the credit there as

An interesting thing to point out is the site Unibet. Unibet chose to
become an independent poker site after they left Microgaming in March.
Apparently the decision to do that was a good one, as they went from being
ranked 27th in the cash game rankings to being ranked 17th with an average
of 550 players. Microgaming has definitely taken a hit since Unibet left
also, and they’ve dropped from 1,250 players down to 800 players.

For the United States players who are wondering about traffic, it’s a three
way race in New Jersey for the top spot. The Party Borgata Network is
sitting at the top right now with an average of 180 cash game players, and
then comes WSOP.com with 140 players, followed up by the All American Poker
Network (AAPN) with 95. When looking at Nevada you’ll find WSOP.com as the
leader with 110 players, and Ultimate Poker in second with 75 players.

These numbers for the United States players obviously are going to be far
lower than any other site, as online poker is only legalized in a few
states. As we see the states begin to legalize poker (whenever that ends
up happening) these numbers will all jump of course. It will be even more
interesting to see what would happen to the numbers for the other major
online poker networks out there, especially one like PokerStars, if United
States poker players were able to play on their networks at any point.

Obviously we are still a ways away from seeing the outcome of United States
players being able to play internationally, or even for multiple other
states to regulate online poker, but that’s definitely a hot button topic
consistently in the online poker world. Until anything happens with that
though, it’s unlikely that we see a big increase in numbers for online
poker networks.




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