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    Friday, September 7th, 2012 by Ryan

The Partouche Poker Tour is no more. The well-known poker tour, has decided to shut it down after the uprising that was brought up by players who took part in the Main Event in their most recent tournament. The decision to shut down the tour was made by the owner of it, Patrick Partouche in Cannes, France. He held a press conference at the Casino Palm Beach stating the following:

“For forty years I have dedicated my life, my name, my family, to gaming, including poker, my passion, and now I hear that what we do is not enough, is not honest. The Partouche Poker Tour bears my name, that of my family. I will not accept, my staff will not accept, that people can say ‘Partouche are thieves’, ‘Partouche are cheats’. As a result, this week you attended the last edition of the Partouche Poker Tour.”

This is a shocking statement that has many poker players who were not a part of the most recent tournament confused. Essentially what happened is that the tournament series was wrapping up it’s fifth Main Event, and the tournament featured a €8500 buy-in. When all was said and done there were 580 players entered in, and the prize pool was worth a total of €4.3 million. The issue here though, is that the players almost all thought that the tournament featured a guaranteed prize pool that was going to be worth €5 million. The situation continues to get more and more interesting, as the Partouche Poker Tour states that there was no guarantee on this tournament, and that the €4.3 million was it. The issue though, is that many websites such as the Partouche Casino and Spa had the event posted as a guaranteed prize pool. There were even articles sent out stating that the prize pool would be more than five million Euros, which were released after Sam Trickett won the tournament last year.

Obviously this led to players making sure that they took pictures of the guarantees across different websites. Quite a few well-known players such as Justin Bonomo, Matt Glantz, and others all posted on Twitter with the pictures of the guaranteed prize pool also. After this began, it seems that the PPT apparently got many of the web pages taken down that featured the guaranteed prize pool on it, but the damage was already done. People then began tabbing the PPT as doing illegal activity, and that anyone who cashes the tournament should make sure to bring this up.

It’s unfortunate for the French poker scene, as they are going to lose one of their largest tournament series’ now. Interestingly though, Partouche is also a part of the International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT), and he ended his press conference by saying he would see the players there. While the ISPT has had some of their own issues, seeing Partouche go off on players in the press conference definitely can’t be a good thing. There are guaranteed prize pools for that as well, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.




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