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  • Partouche Poker Tour Decides to Honor Guarantee

    Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 by Ryan

As we previously spoke about, the Partouche Poker Tour found themselves in the midst of a serious issue with a ton of criticism from players. After all of the criticism came down, and the poker media got all over the story, the Partouche Poker Tour has decided to honor the tournament guarantee that was quoted all over the internet for their Main Event located in Cannes, France. After the players had wrapped up all of their buy-in’s, the Tour announced that there were a total of 580 players who bought into the event, and that the prize pool had reached a total of €4.3 million. While this is a hefty amount of money for any poker tournament, it cause some serious ruckus from the players.

While it was said that there was a guarantee on the tournament of €5 million, the players were up in arms. PPT owner Patrick Partouche did his best to go into damage control mode, but could not do so and said that he was done running the Partouche Poker Tour. This was the last that we had heard, and everything was a wrap from there apparently. The only thing is, Partouche had that change of heart and when the players came back to the tables to play down to the final table, the PPT owner announced that they would be honoring the €5 million prize pool.

The statement from Partouche didn’t exactly state that he was completely wrong, but it did say that there has been a “certain amount of disruption in the media which may have led our players to be convinced of the existence of a guaranteed prize pool.” According to the rest of his statement, he also said that the rules stated that the guaranteed sum was €500,000 to the winner, but he said that the misunderstanding has caused him to make up the difference and add the €736,880 to the prize pool.

Interestingly, back when Jean-Jacquez Ichai, who is an official at the Partouche Poker Tour was promoting the 2012 version of the Main Event, he stated there would be a €5 million prize pool guaranteed. When this was stated, Ichai stated that he would resign from his role with the company for being a part of causing the issue. Partouche immediately turned away his resignation offer, saying that he would not turn his back on his troops.

The tournament will now continue to roll on until we have an eventual winner. There are 34 players still in the action as of now, and the first place winner of the tournament is set to take down a nice first place payday of €1,172,850. Obviously the players who were in the tournament that had the major issues with the prize pool situation are more than excited about the news, and many of them apparently had plans to possibly take legal action on the company. This won’t be needed at this point though, and we are all interested to see what happens with the Partouche Poker Tour moving forward.




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