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    Saturday, August 20th, 2011 by t2admin

Party Poker wants to try and get everyone active in the poker room and they’ve released a brand new tournament that’s going to run every week. The new tournament is called the “$5000 Bankroll Booster” and you can qualify for the tournament during every week although you won’t be able to buy-in to the tournament directly. This type of tournament is ideal for new players or players working with a small bankroll because there is a small prize pool and very big playing field.

The new $5000 Bankroll Booster will be hosted on Sundays at 14:30 ET at Party Poker and I’m expecting a lot of players will be able to qualify for the tournament. There are four different ways to qualify for the tournament every week at Party Poker. You only need to qualify once for the tournament and if you earn more tickets to the tournament they’ll simply expire at the end of the week, so there is no reason to earn multiple entries into the Bankroll Booster at Party Poker.

How to Qualify for the $5000 Bankroll Booster

• If you make a deposit use the bonus code “BOOSTER” and you’ll receive a free ticket into the $5K Bankroll Booster for that week. You can use this bonus code multiple times as well, which is a nice feature.

• If you earn a total of 5 Party Points during the week you’ll receive entry into the new Bankroll Booster. Earning 5 Party Points should take most players no longer than an hour or two.

• Everyday at 9:45, 14:45 and 20:45 players can play in a 1-point qualifier tournament. The top 25 players from each of the tourneys will win a seat into that week’s Bankroll Booster.

• Everyday at 13:45 and 19:45 Party Poker will be running exclusive freeroll satellites for new depositors only. If you open and deposit money into your account you can play in the freeroll satellites for 30 days.

Basically everyone that wants to play in the $5000 Bankroll Booster will be able to earn a seat. The easiest way to earn a seat into the Bankroll Booster is by earning a total of 5 Party Points. This new promotion isn’t suitable for players with sizable bankrolls because no one is going to want to play in a $5K tournament with 1000’s of players. However, if you typically play in micro limit or low limit tournaments the new $5K Bankroll Booster is a great way to try and add some money to your bankroll without having to risk any money.




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