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  • Party Poker Introduces Rake Free Multi-Table Tournaments for January 2012

    Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 by Ryan

Party Poker is one of the few online poker sites who has rivaled the massive site PokerStars in recent years. After Black Friday they have found themselves near the top consistently as well, since they have been out of the United States market for quite a while. Party Poker offers an excellent number of games, and large guaranteed poker tournaments also, which makes this new promotion they are running a nice bonus for any player out there. They have decided to kick off 2012 with a promotion that should increase almost every poker tournament’s player count. On New Year’s Day at midnight, all of the poker tournaments on the site will be rake free. This means that the site will be taking NO money from your buy-ins for events.

They ran a promotion that was similar to this over the summer, but they haven’t given out as much information just yet about it. All that the site has really said is that “100% of the money will be straight into the prize pool”, and also that players will get to “play for more cash at no extra cost.” If we had to guess about how it will be ran, it would most likely be done in a similar way to the one back in July was. This basically made it so that any tournament that had a buy-in of more than $6 had the fee dropped completely, and for any event that had a buy-in of less than $6 had the additional cost added into the main buy-in. This would basically make it so that the event had a larger prize pool because instead of that rake going to the site, it was instead going into the pool.

When it was done this way, it definitely benefited both sides of the deal, as the smaller buy-in players were able to see greater payouts for making it into the cash, and the larger tournament players didn’t have to pay the larger rake. Some of the larger tournaments can have additional rake taken out for tournaments ranging up to $10 or $20 dollars depending on the event, so in the long run it is nothing to turn your nose up at.

Party Poker has a ton of cash game play, and one can assume that their focus in this situation is to help build all aspects of their site. These new promotions are obviously aimed at the poker tournament front, but the hopes of the site are most likely that they will be able to expand their cash game play from this, with players dabbling in the cash action during the tournaments, or in the time away from the tournament play.

Regardless of how Party Poker decides to run this promotion, you can bet that it will be a slam dunk with the tournament fans out there. Not only because the site is not taking rake out, but also because they have some large guaranteed prize pools, which always draw players’ attention, no matter what limits the play at.




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