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    Sunday, July 30th, 2006 by Mike

Party Poker Monster FreerollParty Poker, the world’s most successful online poker room has just announced it’s latest promotion. The Party Poker Monster Freeroll promises to be the HUGEST online freeroll ever held with a minimum prize pool of $5,000,000. Yes, that’s a 5 million dollar prize pool at this Party Poker Monster Freeroll event, and that’s just the minimum.

That number is suppose to get even bigger as a percentage from each tournament qualifier and bad beat jackpots are added to the total prize pool.

Straight from Party Poker’s website:

PartyPoker.com has created the biggest promotion of them all: The PartyPoker.com Monster!. With a prize pool of $5 million (and growing!), this is going to be the largest free roll series in the history of poker.
Over the next 11 months, more people will win more money than ever before with over 40,000 cash winners.
Plus PartyPoker.com will be hosting a series of televised tournaments in cities around the world, from London to Las Vegas and exotic locales in between, leading up to the PartyPoker.com Monster Grand Offline Final that will take place in South America in June, 2007.

PartyPoker.com will be seeding the final prize pool with at least $5,000,000. That number is only going to get bigger as a percentage of the prize pool from each tournament qualifier and a percentage from the bad beat jackpot is added to the progressive Monster Grand Final prize pool.

The Monster Grand Final Offline Tournament will feature the final six players from the Monster Grand Final taking place on May 26, 2007.

It looks to me that this grand event dubbed the Party Poker Monster Freeroll is going to last 11 months and over 40k players will win money over the course of the event. The final six players will participate in an offline event and you know that there is going to be lots of press coverage on this event.

Party Poker seems to have done it again. I, personally, can not wait to write more news on this exciting event.

The only way to play is to register at Party Poker.com




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