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    Thursday, October 28th, 2010 by t2admin

PartyPoker is looking for the next gladiator in November and they’re giving away tons of cash prizes to the players that prove their worthiness over the next month. If you don’t already have an account then you’ll need to head over to PartyPoker and sign-up now for a new account so that you’re ready to go on November 1st. You can also start earning your sign-up bonus right now while you wait for the promotion.

PartyPoker offers new players a wicked sign-up bonus of 100% of your first deposit for up to $600. With $600 added to your bankroll you’ll have plenty of extra money to play poker with, which means you’ll be ready to participate in the gladiator promo this upcoming month. You need to be ready to play a lot of poker this month if you expect to walk away with one of the big prizes.

In order to participate in the Gladiator promotion all you need to do is play poker and earn Party Points. If you manage to earn a certain amount of Party Points over a certain period of time in November then you’ll earn a prize. Here is a breakdown of some of the prizes that are available to be won this month at PartyPoker.

If you only play a bit of online poker then you’ll want to aim for the 1st prize, which is entry into a $5K freeroll tournament. All you need to do is earn 10 Party Points during 5 separate days during the month of November. The biggest freeroll tournament that is apart of this promotion is the $25K freeroll, which you can earn entry into a few different ways.

• Earn 10 Party Points for 15 days
• Earn 20 Party Points for 10 days
• Earn 50 Party Points for 5 days

There are also tons of cash prizes to be won throughout the Gladiator promotion at PartyPoker. If you earn 10 Party Points on 20 different days during November, you’ll walk away with a small $15 prize. If you could manage to earn 100 Party Points daily for 20 days then the prize would be $190, which is a considerable amount more.

You can also earn a seat into the $10K WPT LA Classic by earning 1500 Party Points daily for the entire month of November. This is no easy feat and I don’t expect many people to earn a seat into the LA Classic through this promotion. If you do manage to win a seat into the LA Classic and you can’t make the event you can substitute the entry fee for $7K cash into your PartyPoker account.




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