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    Friday, February 25th, 2011 by t2admin

Party Poker recently released a new promotion called “Win Tonight” that is only for new players. In order to be allowed to play in this promotion you’ll need to have never played with Party Poker in the past. Once you sign-up for a Party Poker account and make your 1st deposit you’ll automatically be able to play in all of the freeroll tournaments being offered during the promotion. There is a total of one freeroll tournament every night at 8:00PM CET from now until March 28th.

As a new player you’ll be able to play in all of the nightly freeroll tournaments in the “Win Tonight” promotion and you’ll only be playing against other new players, which should keep the playing field fairly small. There are tons of prizes up for grabs during the promotion including electronics and cash. The player that wins any of the freeroll tournaments will win an electronics prize package that is loaded with some amazing prizes while the 2nd-10th place players will receive a small cash prize deposited into their account.

Breakdown of Prizes in the “Win Tonight” Promotion

The 1st place player will win an electronic package although it varies depending on the day you win the freeroll. Players that finish in 2nd-10th place will earn a small cash prizes ranging from $3-$30 depending on what place you finish in. Below is a quick breakdown of the prize packages up for grabs for those of you that win first place.

• Monday – iPad Cover & 16GB iPad Wifi
• Tuesday – 16GB Flash Drive & Sony Vaio VPC
• Wednesday – COD Black Ops, FIFA 11, 320GB PS3 Slim, PS3 Charge Pack + Move Kit
• Thursday – Bag, Tripod & Canon EOS 1000D
• Friday – Docking Speakers & 64GB iPod Touch
• Saturday – Monster Beats Headphones & PSP Go
• Sunday – 40” Samsung 3D TV, 3D Glasses & BluRay Player

If you can’t play in all of the nightly freeroll tournaments there are really a few days with great prizes. Sunday is obviously the best day for the promotion, as the winner will walk away with a huge 3D TV, 3D Glasses and BluRay Player. I also like the looks of the prizes on Monday and Wednesday, but some of you might prefer the camera equipment or PSP. With so many great electronics up for grabs at Party Poker over the next month or so this is the perfect time to sign-up for a Party Poker account if you’ve been holding off from doing it.




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