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  • PartyPoker Cancels First Five Pokerfest Events

    Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 by Ryan

PartyPoker has been big in the poker world for a very long time now, and most people know the site as not only one of the first to leave the United States market way back when, but also to continue to succeed after leaving the United States as well. PartyPoker looked poised to be even bigger in the online poker world after Black Friday hit, and we saw sites such as Absolute, Ultimate Bet, and even Full Tilt Poker go completely under, leaving just PokerStars and PartyPoker as the two top online poker options out there, but after Stars bought Full Tilt Poker and completed their rise from the ashes, PartyPoker sat back as the third option, or even the fourth or fifth option for some online poker players out there. One thing that PartyPoker does run that fans definitely enjoy is their Pokerfest, and it was set to get underway, before PartyPoker gave fans a reason to have a bad taste in their mouth.

PartyPoker decided that they were going to cancel five of the Pokerfest III tournaments that were scheduled to run, which ended up being a pretty poor call when all was said and done. Players were ready to get the action underway on Sunday, and there were six tournaments on the schedule to get rolling over an hour and a half span, but right after the first event began, things got a bit strange. It was after the $215 buy-in event that featured a $350,000 prize pool started that it all the sudden just paused. The players were waiting for it to begin, and after 45 minutes went by the event was simply cancelled at that point. Players basically had no idea what had happened, or what the deal with the event was.

From there, PartyPoker then decided to cancel four more events after that before they decided to allow Event #6 to run. Event #6 was a $530 No Limit Hold’em event that had a $250k guarantee with it. This tournament was actually paused at the beginning as well, and it seems that the issue had to do with PartyPoker’s software, as they made an announcement about it. Play started 15 minutes after this, and players weren’t very happy to see that the tournaments overlay had shrunk after the tournament froze as well. The initial event that was cancelled also had a very large overlay, but no one really was able to see that since it was cancelled.

The answer from PartyPoker was said to be “technical problems”, and that was the reasoning behind both the delays as well as the cancellations. Some people obviously have varying opinions about what the situation was, with a few stating that they believe the site did not want to cover the overlays that came along with the huge guarantees. The prize pools of most of the events did not hit the guarantees, meaning that the site was going to have to cover the difference. There’s no specific evidence of this though, so it is really just a matter of opinion at this point.

As far as the totals go, the five events that were cancelled totaled up to $482,500 in guaranteed prize pools, and any player who bought into an event got their money refunded back. PartyPoker made an announcement on the TwoPlusTwo Poker forum that they were going to run a $350k guaranteed event on the 12th of May to replace Event #1 and hopefully help out some of the players who are disgruntled from this situation. They are also going to be holding a freeroll tournament each of the next two Saturdays that will give away a total of $15k in Pokerfest tickets to players, and there are still 58 more events that are set to run for Pokerfest III. The final event will be the big boy which is the $640 Main Event, which will have a $1.5 million prize pool.

This is a big time for PartyPoker right now, and we are hoping that the rest of the Pokerfest series runs without any hiccups and that the upcoming events will draw in quite a few players, some big prize pools, and of course those massive pay days to the eventual winners.




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