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  • PartyPoker Launches A New Poker Promotion

    Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 by Ryan

The newest promotion from the popular online poker site PartyPoker is one that is aimed towards many different types of players, but specifically towards anyone who is a fan of football and just witnessed the incredible come from behind victory that Manchester City had when they scored two goals in injury time to win the English Premier League this past weekend. The new promotion is called the Championship Challenge, and it is going to run for a month and a half from May 14th to June 30th. The basic idea behind the tournament is that it will give players the chance to win money as well as freeroll entries by earning specific amounts of PartyPoints. So you are essentially trying to earn as many Football Players as you possibly can, and there are 64 total.

All of the different Football Players that you can win are awarded at random times for every time that a player earns 10 points while playing at the cash game tables on the site. Each player will receive their first player after only five points though, so you can start off the promotion in the right way. The players are divided among 16 different teams, and each team is split four different groups of even numbers. The prizes are split and awarded after you earn all the players on one specific team, and also when you get the players from every single team in a specific group as well. If you are able to take down every single one of the 64 Football Players available then you will when a nice grand prize of $100,000 for your efforts. On top of all of this, some of the players will come with freeroll entries and some additional cash prizes as well.

The different groups are broken down into Group A, which features Poland, Greece, Russia, and the Czech Republic, and will pay out a prize of $7k for getting all of the teams. Group B features Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Portugal with a prize of $1k for getting all four teams. Group C features Spain, Italy, Croatia, and the Republic of Ireland with a prize of $3k. Last but not least is Group D that features Sweden, the Ukraine, England, and France with a prize of $2k.

As far as picking up the prizes for getting each player from full teams, you’ll find that these prizes will range between $50 for England, up to $1,200 for Poland with multiple additional prizes in between. There are also the individual Football Player prizes that you can win instantly that range from $1 all the way up to $20 (for the Poland Goalkeeper), and you can also win your way into freerolls as large as $10k for getting the Germany Midfielder.

Players will be able to win as many as 100 Football Players each day during this challenge, and you have to login to your account in order to see which Football Players that you’ve actually won. The players are going to be given through the end of June or until each of the players have been given out, whichever comes first. In total, there were 3.4 million left to give away, so you’ll have some time to earn them.




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