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    Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 by Ryan

PartyPoker is internationally known, and they feature some of the widest ranges of games out there today. It seems that they have officially expanded even more recently though as they have released their newest game, which is FastForward Poker. The game started off being offered only for play money, but since it drew in such an overall interest, and the testing went well, they have decided to release it for real money players just days after it came out in the first place. If you remember, this game is incredibly similar to the one that Full Tilt originally released, and that many other online poker sites including PokerStars have picked up, and has gotten a ton of traffic consistently due to it’s fast paced play.

You probably have a good idea of how the game goes if you’ve played any of the other types of fast poker, but players are going to choose the game that they want to play and also the level and buy-in that they want to play with. Players will be seated at a random table from there, and will get a hand, but then have the option to fold their hand immediately and start up a new hand at a completely different table if they don’t like their first starting hand.

An interesting part of PartyPoker’s fast poker player is their “Forward Fold” button, which is going to allow players to fold their hand even if it is not their hand to act, so that they can be moved to a new table and get a new hand without having to wait for any extended period of time. This is a huge difference from standard poker where you are going to have to wait until the hand ends for you to be able to be dealt into a new one, and you also won’t have to wait for the other players at the table if you don’t want to. Players also can’t see if an opponent has done this, so if you do Forward Fold then your hand won’t be gone until it is actually your turn at that table.

Players are also going to be able to watch what happens in the hand that they fold if they want to by pressing the “Watch on Fold” button, which will keep you at the table until that single hand is over. Players can also press “Next Hand” if they end up changing their mind during play, possibly because a hand is just taking too long to play.

If you are looking to play this game on PartyPoker, it is offered for any No Limit Hold’em cash game, and you can play as many as four tables at one time as well. PartyPoker is one of many online poker rooms to have a fast poker option, and while PartyPoker did lose a good amount of their cash game traffic in recent months, this new addition could be exactly what they need to bump back up their traffic.




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