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  • PartyPoker Releases New Software and Social Gaming Feature

    Monday, September 9th, 2013 by Ryan

There has been some big time news coming out of the many poker tournaments running all over the world recently, but one thing that immediately caught my eye was news that came out from the popular online poker site PartyPoker. PartyPoker has been a popular site for a very long time, and while they haven’t topped the likes of PokerStars, they are making some big changes at their site in an effort to gain even more traffic and continue to grow. PartyPoker is a go to for international poker players, but they currently do not accept action from United States players. The most recent news is something that was in the works for a good while from PartyPoker, but it has finally officially been released.

The release came last Thursday when PartyPoker dropped their new online poker client. It’s something that we haven’t seen done quite like this, and they are going to offer a social gaming feature. It wasn’t all great news though with the release, as things didn’t go quite as smoothly as they were expecting them to. Before we get into how the release went, we’ll break down exactly what the new online poker client actually is.

Right out of the gate, players are going to notice some changes, and the first is the branding of the site itself. The site has gotten rid of their old color scheme that featured the green, red, and yellow, and now they have changed their colors at PartyPoker to orange, white, silver, and black. Things colors are all much simpler it seems from the site, and this not only includes the logo and the branding, but also the main lobby as well. The logo itself has also seen a big change, and there is no more poker chip in the PartyPoker logo. Now, you are going to see a diamond with all lowercase lettering in it. It’s a completely new look for PartyPoker, basically rebranding themselves without making any name change, but showing that things are different.

The lobby may have a new color scheme, but things are pretty much the same with it. It does feature a new option called the “1 Click Lobby” where players are going to be able to choose their game type, stakes, and buy-in amount, and from there are going to be seated at a table randomly without a wait, as long as there is a seat open. This is definitely a nice addition to the site, as it makes finding a seat much easier for cash game players, and especially new players who are just looking to get into the action.

The social gaming feature is really the biggest change and modification that PartyPoker made though. This is going to be very appealing to the recreational and casual player. One thing that catches the eye is the achievement system, as players are going to earn achievements as they play, which is similar to what you can find on different console gaming systems and also on PC games as well. It basically keeps players going in the action and there are going to be three different achievements on PartyPoker that players will strive for. They include the Collectibles, the Milestones, and the Highlights.

The Collectible achievements are going to be earned randomly, and can include things like getting a certain hand. Most of these things the players don’t actually control. The Milestones are going to come as you play at PartyPoker and will come over time. Highlights include the actual play itself, and can include winning a hand, losing when you are a huge favorite, or winning a huge hand. You can see the Achievements that you’ve won on your profile page.

Missions are another new part of PartyPoker’s site, and the difference between missions and achievements are going to be that you know what you’ll need to do in order to complete them. You will get rewarded for completing the missions, and they start out right away for new players. You can win tournament tickets, tournament dollars, bonuses, PartyPoints, or even cash from the missions. The friends list is one last thing that we need to make sure to mention, and it’s similar to what you’d find on a popular Social Media site. You can search for your friends and add them, or invite a player at the tables to be your friend. You can even see recommendations for players who you might know. Players can see where their friends are playing on the site, and will be told if their friends complete a mission or hit an achievement.

Now, as far as the issues that happened with the launch, PartyPoker saw their new software start off very laggy. Players saw crashes from the site frequently, the graphics weren’t looking great, and often times tables actually weren’t even opening for players. This was just a few of the things that went wrong, and the site has been on top of fixing everything. Players have still had some issues though, so they are still constantly working.




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