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    Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 by Nadia

Andrey Pateychuk of Russia dominated the finals of the European Poker Tour in San Remo, Italy. Despite fierce competition while participating in heads up play, he beat the odds and captured the title.

The Final Table at EPT 2011

At the beginning of the game, Daniel Neilson (Australia) was at the top of the leaderboard. However, there was also a chance for Kevin MacPhee (United States) to make history as the first player to win two EPT championships. MacPhee entered the game as a short stack. Barney Boatman (United Kingdom), the player with the most experience at the table of eight, was also competing for the title.

Initially, the pace of the game was slow. The players were parrying with each other to test the waters and try to predict how the game would pan out. Neilson used his big stack to his advantage by putting pressure on all his opponents. MacPhee’s stack soon slipped just below the one million mark. The first clash of consequence occurred a good hour after the game began. Only then did the first elimination occur.

Handicapped by his short stack, Kevin MacPhee went all in during the small blind. He was hoping for Boatman’s big blind to release. After a count, Boatman took a chance and looked up MacPhee, an action that was rewarding for him. With a Q-7 in suit against MacPhee’s 6-5 which was off suit, Boatman managed to knock MacPhee out of the tournament at 8th place.

Neilson continued to dominate the table and was the first of them to by-pass the 10 million mark. Rocco Palumbo (Italy) was knocked out by Jan Bendik. Dimitar Danchev defeated Yorane Kerignard, who took sixth place, before a change in the chips lead occurred.

Pateychuck Dominates the Table

Pateychuck took on Neilson in a key hand which would be instrumental in his win of the title. He opened for a raise and Neilson retaliated with a three bet. Pateychuk didn’t back down and pushed his four bet to the center. Neilson then wagered his big stack and went all in. Pateychuk called immediately and tabled his Big Slick. This beat Neilson’s Ace-9 combination. Unfortunately for Neilson, the board didn’t yield a 9 and the lead passed to Pateychuk.

The Russian proceeded to take a big chunk of Boatman’s stack. He then eliminated Bendik who finished at fifth place. After this, he eliminated Boatman at fourth place and took two-thirds of the chips in the game. This was a serious threat to both his opponents, Danchev and Neilson.

In the end, though Pateychuk inflicted the most damage, Danchev was the one who knocked Neilson out of the tournament before moving forward to take on Andrey in a heads up fight.

The two final players struck a deal over the cash prize. Pateychuk held a small lead over Danchev and so the two decided to split the €1.2 million remaining in the pool. They left €80,000 in the pot for whoever won the championship. After the deal was decided on, the two went back to battling for the title.

After an exciting heads up fight which lasted two hours, Pateychuk claimed the championship, leaving Danchev with second place.




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