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    Monday, December 5th, 2011 by Ryan

Ultimate Bet was one of the key sites who went down after Black Friday, and there was quite a bit of scandal surrounding their online poker site. While Full Tilt Poker had the biggest story of them all, Ultimate Bet had many issues themselves that needed to be dealt with. Ultimate Bet owes their players money as well, but you can bet that many players have really already thrown in the towel on any chance at getting their money back off of the site. It seems that after Black Friday, many people thought that the news with UB was over and done, but that unfortunately is not the case. It was reported that a scandal has rose from the ashes, as personal data from a large number of Ultimate Bet player accounts was leaked out to the public this past week.

What makes it interesting is that some went on to the popular poker forum “Two Plus Two”, and posted the data on there with no name behind who they were. The person then decided to delete the post eight minutes later, and no one is sure as to why they decided to make the post. The information is definitely still out there, as anyone who clicked the link could save the information. After all was said and done, the site that listed the info is currently down, which could keep this potentially huge scandal under wraps (which UB should definitely hope for).

There is a list released of everything that was included in all of the personal data, and we’ll take a look at it. The list included the players’ full name, e-mail address, phone number, screen name, mailing address, IP address, account balance, birth date, deposit methods used, UB account number (not bank account or credit card), affiliate status, VIP status, and blacklist status. As you can see, it was fortunate that there were no bank accounts or credit/debit card numbers used in the end, and also that social security numbers were not released as well. While the other information that is given could cause some issues for players, it definitely could have been much worse when all was said and done in this situation.

In total, it listed 3.5 million accounts in the information that was released, and interestingly there was around 2 million from the United States alone. Most people will agree that Ultimate Bet could not be much more disappointing than they were, but this definitely adds a bit of fuel to the fire for all of the players who trusted this online poker site with their money and their personal information. So after Full Tilt Poker has found themselves in the midst of their own massive scandal, Ultimate Bet proves that they were one of the biggest let downs in the online poker world as well, but they simply did not have the incredibly high number of followers that Full Tilt Poker did. It also may not be a bad idea to change your password on your email address if you are an old Ultimate Bet player!




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