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  • Phil Collins Eliminated at Fifth Place

    Thursday, November 17th, 2011 by Nadia

Phil Collins (26) can also be identified by his online moniker, ‘USCPhildo’. He is known for his online tournament achievements, Collins has accumulated more than $3 million in winnings over the course of his online poker career. Additionally, he has also participated in some of the most famous live poker tournaments in the world. This includes the WPT Championship hosted at the Bellagio, Las Vegas. Phil is not new to high stress poker games.

His Journey to the Final Table

On day one, Collins finished with 71,225 chips. Day three, he finished with 436,500. On Day four, Collins had 1,077,000. Day five saw him win 4,109,000. On day six, Collins had accumulated 7,240,000. He finished on day 8 with 23,875,000 chips.

Phil Collins has eight career cashes (WSOP) and has won more than $125,000 at live tournaments. He then began his stint at the final table with 21,425,000 chips, at fourth place. As a member of the famous November Nine, he was guaranteed $782,155 minimum.

Key Moments of the Tournament

Collins managed to claim the lead based on his chips on day six. This was following his bulldozing of the feature table (ESPN). Only minutes after he eliminated Joseph Cheong from the game, he also knocked Lance Steinberg out of the tournament. This resulted in his stack growing to 10 million.

The blinds set were 12,000/24,000, the ante was set at 3,000. At this point Steinberg raised the stakes to 66,000 though he was in early position. Collins decided to call from his position in the middle. The flop drew Qh-Tc-7s on to the board and Collins called Steinberg’s 122,000 bet. The turn card was 8h, Steinberg raised the stakes to 250,000.

Collins went all in, knowing that he could easily cover Steinberg’s remaining 900,000. Steinberg decided to call with Jh-Th for his second pair, straights and flushes. Collins formed a straight which used Jd-9d and managed to dodge a flush and a higher straight which came via the river. Steinberg was one of the four players that Collins eliminated in one level on the sixth day of play.

Why Collins Could Have Won

Collins has a dangerous arsenal in the form of his group of friends. They are poker pros, who are virtually inseparable during tournaments, constantly discuss hands and provide each other with valuable information and analysis about the game and their opponents. The group includes players like Brenk Hanks, Dan O’Brien, Jason Mercier and Allan Bari. In addition to his friends, Collins’ backer, Erick Lindgren, is also a valuable source of information. All things considered, Collins headed to the final table well prepared.

Eliminated at Fifth Place

Collins, right from the start of the game, took on an active role at the table. He was initially successful after varying his play with several limps. However, once he was five handed and went all-in, Pius Heinz cut him off with his pocket nines. Collins still held some live cards – Ad-7d. But he was unable to better his game since the board read 6s-5c-4d-9d-7s. He took home a hefty consolation prize of $2,269,599 which more than doubled his career winnings.




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