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  • Phil Hellmuth on New Poker Odds Calculator

    Thursday, October 13th, 2011 by Nadia

In a recent interview, the winner of 11 WSOP bracelets, Phil Hellmuth, was asked about his latest venture – the Poker Odds Calculator. The iPhone app offers a host of interesting features according to Hellmuth.

The New Application

The Poker Odds Calculator, according to Phil Hellmuth, will enable a player to find out what exactly his odds are. The unique aspect about the software is that, it can be made to run on fourth street and also on the flop. A player with two kings can run it against the best hands and find out his exact position in a particular hand. Players with a pair of kings will know for sure that they have a strong hand. To know exactly how strong it is, the Poker Odds Calculator can be used. With the new application, players can run a hand against a host of combinations and also the flop. Such an application has never been used in online poker before, said the 45 year old poker professional.

Poker Tips through Video

There are certain ways to find out what a hand’s odds are. Although it is basic, not many poker professionals are aware of the process, according to Hellmuth. The new application comes with about 10 videos, offering tips on odds. These will aid poker players to determine pot size and the costs associated with calling.

Phil Hellmuth’s Gear

On opening the application, a player will find three links, of which one will take him to Phil Hellmuth’s gear. Hellmuth says that a large number of Poker Zen shirts are sold in Europe. The link mentioned, informs users about the places from where they can buy PH hats and PH t-shirts. On opening the application, a player will come across three prompts – one that takes the user to the clothing section, the second to the videos on poker tips and the third to the Poker Odds Calculator.

Phil Hellmuth on WSOP Results

When asked about his performance at the recent WSOP, Hellmuth stated that he was extremely frustrated with the scores. Despite his attempts to win the 12th WSOP bracelet in his poker career, the player experienced narrow misses. The result was indeed frustrating for Hellmuth. However, the player is happy, as he silenced his critics with his WSOP performance this year. Till recently, a lot of critics were of the opinion that Hellmuth does not fit in the modern poker scenario.

When the player reached the 7-stud/8 event, his expectations to win were not too high. He didn’t have enough chips and went all-in too soon even though the table had six more players. Nevertheless, Hellmuth has not given up on his dream to acquire another WSOP bracelet. He aims to win 24 bracelets in future. The enthusiastic player said that he will continue to play and win in his 70s as well.

Hellmuth on Online Poker’s Future

Hellmuth is happy with the efforts taken by the United States to legalize online poker. There are rumors that online poker will be legalized this year. Hellmuth is hopeful that the proposal will be passed by December, 2011.




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