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  • Phil Ivey Is Back in Action in Macau

    Thursday, November 24th, 2011 by Ryan

The name Phil Ivey has been a big one when it comes to the game of poker over recent years. If the talks of “best poker player in the world come up”, you’ll find that Ivey is in the talks every time, just as he should be. He has some of the most impressive stats out there, and is also one of the scariest players to be up against in the game as well. Ivey can really play any game you could possibly imagine, and you can bet that he plays it well also. Take these stats in, Ivey has won eight World Series of Poker gold bracelets in many different events, and he has won close to $14 million on just the live poker tournament circuit. This number does not even include the millions of dollars that he has also won in cash games both online and live. To top it off, take into consideration the fact that he has also won quite a bit of money in online poker tournaments as well. This all adds up to an incredibly impressive poker player, and one who you definitely would not want to be matched up against.

As incredible as these numbers above are, and as great as Ivey is; he actually hasn’t played for almost all of this year. It began just after Black Friday, and the decision came because Ivey was a huge player in the massive online poker site Full Tilt Poker, and he watched the site completely fall apart. The biggest issue was that there was millions of dollars caught up online with the site, and it left an incredible amount of poker players left with their funds locked up. Ivey was one of these players, and he didn’t respond nicely to this situation, as he demanded that the players be repaid.

Ivey was tired of sitting and waiting, and he decided to file a lawsuit against Tiltware about the money that was stuck in the players’ accounts. This led to his decision to sit out the World Series of Poker to start with. He felt that it was unfair to players who could not play in the massive poker series due to their money being locked up online, so he said he would not play as well. Ivey stated that he was searching for a solution to the issue that was ongoing, and that he wouldn’t play until that was found.

Well, with Full Tilt finally closing in on a sale, there were rumors swirling that Ivey was in town for the Asia pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Macau. When Day 1A kicked off, Ivey was nowhere to be seen, but his name was on the list of registered players. It wasn’t until level two that Ivey was spotted heading to the tables though, and he did sit down to take place in his first live poker event in many months.

Ivey’s name was not found at the top of the leaderboard at the end of Day 1A, but he did end up with 51,200 chips and made it to Day 2. For comparison, the chip leader of the day was Shih-Chieh Su, who finished up with 171,800 chips at days’ end.




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