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  • Phil Ivey Suing Casino for Unpaid Winnings

    Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 by Ryan

The story behind Phil Ivey over the years has been an interesting one. It all started back when he was a stud on Full Tilt Poker and was bringing in a ridiculous amount of winnings both in the online poker world, and the live poker tournament world as well. He was able to bring in big pay days, and was a fan favorite for a very good number of people throughout the world. After Black Friday hit the United States though, people began pointing fingers everywhere, and some people were even upset with Ivey because of the massive amount of money that Full Tilt owed to players. Ivey was a big name on the site, so people assumed that the two went together. He took a year off from the World Series of Poker due to the fact that he felt it was unfair that many players weren’t able to play due to money being locked up online. Since that point though, he’s back on the map, and he’s bringing in consistent results all over the place.

Now the story that has come out about Phil Ivey is that he just wants the money that he earned. Ivey is now suing a London based casino called Crockfords casino. This is a situation that has dated back to August of 2012, and he is now suing the casino for the winnings that he is owed from them. The story came out originally from the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, and this was back in October. The casino is apparently withholding a total of £7.3 million from the popular poker player. He apparently sat down at the high stakes tables at the casino with a buy-in of £1 million. The game they were playing was punto banco, and they were playing £50,000 per hand, and a bit later in the play they were able to raise the action up to £150,000 per hand. Ivey ended up losing about half of his total buy-in during the first session, and came back the next day to play. He got hot though, and was able to bring in £2.3 million. The next night was even better though, as he pulled in a total of £5 million in another session.

At the end of the hot session, he was looking to get that £7.3 million transferred right into his bank account. During the time of his play, it was actually a banking holiday in the United Kingdom, so they weren’t able to make the transaction go through at that current time. They went on to tell Ivey that his money would be sent into his account on Tuesday, August 28th though, and he left the casino simply to keep living life and expecting the money to be in his account that Tuesday. Unfortunately though, Crockfords decided that they were going to open up an investigation about Ivey possibly cheating in his punto banco games. As you can imagine, this put everything in a stand still and left for a tough situation.

There wasn’t any real evidence of Ivey cheating though, and the only suspicion that came out was that there was a female companion that was there with Ivey, and she had already had her membership at a different casino in the area suspended. Aside from that though, there really wasn’t anything that should have led into any type of investigation on Ivey, or for his winnings.

The investigation featured the parent company of Crockfords, Genting, sending out an investigator to look into the casino employees, the security footage, and all of the cards that were used during the play. As you can imagine, there was nothing strange found, and all things were good about the Ivey’s wins. So, that would mean that the money should be sent along to Ivey right? Well, you’d assume so, but Crockfords still hasn’t sent the money to Ivey, and this has led to him turning to a lawsuit against the casino.

As Ivey stated, he is “deeply saddened” by the fact that he has no other options but to go ahead with legal action. He said he has both “won and lost substantial sums at Crockfords”, and has always honored his commitments tot he casino. This is a strange situation, and while Ivey has remained quite silent on the situation throughout the time, he really seemed like he didn’t really want to bring much up. In the end though, the only option that Ivey had was to move forward with a lawsuit and find any way to get his money.




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