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  • Pinnacle Entertainment Finalizes Sale of Global Poker Index

    Friday, August 10th, 2012 by Ryan

The Global Poker Index is one of the more well-known tools for poker players in the game today, and it places the players into standings giving them a specific amount of points. It will rank the top 300 live poker tournament players in the world, and each week is updated based on how the players have done in tournaments throughout the time frame. Pinnacle Entertainment just recently made a purchase of the GPI, and just a few weeks after they decided to make the purchase of it, they decided to sell it to Zokay Entertainment. Zokay is a company that was created by the ex-CEO of ChiliGaming Alex Dreyfus.

Pinnacle ended up buying the GPI at a bankruptcy auction from the old owners of it, the Federated Sports + Gaming. They currently own multiple casinos across the United States, and the purchase was worth $300,000, but also included a few other assets including the Epic Poker League, as well as EpicPoker.com. Pinnacle also made another massive purchase (quite a bit larger actually), when they bought the Heartland Poker Tour from Federated as well for $4.2 million. It’s unknown exactly how much the resale of GPI to Zokay was worth.

Dreyfus seems to have a great vision moving into the future for the Global Poker Index, and it includes more than just keeping up the website. He also is going to add additional features such as the National Rankings, which will allow players to see which specific country holds the most number of top poker tournament players in the world today. There are going to be a minimum of 17 countries on this list to start things off as well. He is also hoping to make it so that the GPI Player of the Year award expands into becoming a massive GPI Awards, including many different categories as well. Players will also be able to nominate different people for awards as well, and be a part of the process of voting throughout also. A few of the awards that are expected to be released are the Best Tournament Director, Best Event, and Best Venue, just to name a few.

The GPI VIP Club is a new addition that will be added also, and it is going to award the top players in the GPI with a membership to this. The membership is going to include different discounts and perks that only these players will be able to take advantage of.

If you take a look at the GPI currently, you’ll see that Jason Mercier owns the top spot, for good reason. Mercier holds 2847.86 points, and is ahead of Bertrand Grospellier, who has put together a total of 2759.54 points. Mercier has been at the top since back in June 2nd, and if you look at his rankings for the past year in terms of overall, you’ll see that he has not fallen below the 5th place spot.




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