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  • Pius Heinz Wins 2011 WSOP Main Event

    Thursday, November 10th, 2011 by Ryan

The 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event’s November Nine kicked off this past Sunday, and it took until early Wednesday morning before the champion was determined. The final day’s action kicked off on Tuesday in the evening with three players remaining. It started off with Pius Heinz from Germany, Ben Lamb from the USA, and Martin Staszko from the Czech Republic. The three kicked off the action, and it didn’t take long until the heads up match was decided. Heinz started off the day with more chips than both other players together, but was in for a fight against two players who had proved their ability to play strong. Heinz started with 107.8 million chips, Ben Lamb, who clinched the 2011 WSOP Player of the Year title had 55.4 million chips, and Staszko was in third with 42.7 million chips.

The action started off on the first hand with an all-in and a call between Lamb and Staszko. Lamb raised it up, Staszko three bet, and Lamb decided to push it all in at that point. Staszko called with his short stack to put his tournament at risk. He was holding pocket 7’s, and was up against the King-Jack off suit of Lamb. Staszko’s seven’s held up in the end, and left Lamb with only 12.7 big blinds remaining. Then, on the next hand, Staszko picked up another big pot and gained the chip lead from Heinz. Lamb was not able to make the comeback from the bottom though, and on the fourth hand of the tournament he shoved all in with Queen-Six off suit, and was called by the pocket Jack’s of Staszko.

When heads up play started, Staszko had a chip lead of 117.3 million to 88.6 million, but we were far from done. Play went on for hours, and saw one of the most exciting heads up matches that we’ve had in the history of the World Series of Poker. Heinz played the role of the aggressor through the early stages, and the chip stacks went back and forth multiple times. The two players obviously were not ready to give up an inch, and this was obvious by the folds in big spots that both sides had.

Then came a hand that changed everything. At 1:11am, Staszko had almost three times as many chips as Heinz, with 150.6 million against the 55.3 million of his opponent. Heinz was struggling a bit, and it looked like we were going to have our new Main Event champion. The change came on hand 115 which was less than an hour later, when Staszko had a chip lead of 124.75 million to Heinz’s 81.15 million. The two got it all on a flop of Tc-7c-Ks, and Staszko called the all-in bet by Heinz and turned over the Q-9 of clubs, giving him a flush draw and a straight draw. He was up against the Ah-Qh of Heinz, who was a slight favorite at this point. He dodged all the bad cards, and took a 162.3 million to 43.6 million chip lead.

On hand 123, Staszko went all-in for 39.8 million, and was called by Heinz instantly. Heinz turned over Ace-King off suit, and was a favorite against the 10-7 of clubs that Staszko was holding. They both missed the board all together, which meant that the Ace-high for Heinz was the winner. He not only won the $8.7 million grand prize, but also the gold bracelet for the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. Staszko got an incredibly consolation prize of $5.43 million for his efforts.




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