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  • Pius Heinz Wins WSOP 2011 Championship

    Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 by Nadia

Pius Heinz, the most recent professional poker player to join Team PokerStars Pro, won the WSOP main event and took home $8,715,638.

Preparing to Take On the Final Table

Between the last round of the tournament (July) and the final table game, there was a hiatus period of 3 months. He prepared for the big event by relaxing and not thinking too much about what was in store for him. He said that he went to Barcelona and won a side EPT event there. He also attended a few coaching sessions with Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald who helped him with the math and ICM aspects of the final table. However, Pius said that for the most part he was confident in his own game and knew he could play good poker.

Important Moments at the Final Table

Heinz confessed that he was surprised at the fast-pace of the game. He said that he wasn’t nervous but did get frustrated because he was initially unable to make a hand other than his one-time pair of aces. This was annoying for him, especially post flop.

Despite how fast the game moved, Pius said that there were a few moments which stayed with him. He said that the queens’ hand he played against Eoghan O’Dea left an impression on him. O’Dea put Heinz in a tough spot in a hand where Pius had two queens. Heinz moved in with his pair.

According to Pius, the move was made with the hope that O’Dea will not call. He said that he couldn’t call the turn or evaluate the river card as there was too much money at stake. Heinz stated that he was grateful O’Dea didn’t call as he would’ve been crushed.

Joining Team PokerStars Pro

According to Heinz, joining Team PokerStars Pro as their representative from Germany is a great honor. He believes that PokerStars is the best company in the industry and that it is reliable, safe and has a great team working there. By signing up with the team, Pius will be joining the ranks of poker celebrities like Joe Hachem, Jonathan Duhamel, Chris Moneymaker, Joe Cada, Barry Greenstein and Daniel Negreanu.

Heinz will also be taking over as the ambassador for poker, a position his teammate, Jonathan Duhamel, filled last year. Pius said that though this was new to him, he was going to try and represent both the game and his team as well as he can.

Plans for the Future

Pius Heinz is not only the first poker player from Germany to win the WSOP title but he is also the first from his country to participate at the final table. Pius said that following his win, he has received a lot of interview and media requests and that his victory has sparked some interest in poker in Germany. Heinz hopes that this will eventually create a poker boom in the country.

Pius plans to move on to another tournament as soon as possible. He said that he was looking forward to playing several EPTs (Prague, Berlin, Vienna, etc). He will also take part in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.




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