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  • PKR.com Offers Customers Deep Stack Tournaments

    Friday, December 23rd, 2011 by Nadia

PKR.com has been distinguished with the Poker Operator of the Year award, twice in a row by the eGaming Review (EGR). One of the biggest reasons for this is the innovative 3D technology that has been incorporated into the site. Another is the deep stack tournaments that are conducted by PKR.

Advantages of Playing Deep Stack Poker at PKR.com

PKR offers its players a chance to play deep-stack poker for a small buy-in fee. The range of buy-in is wide, allowing players to play with a deep stack for prices as low as $2. Players also have the option of taking on high-roller levels. At these levels, they are allowed to buy-in for $500. The customer is then allowed to play against the top players at the site.

Structure of the Deep Stack Tournaments

The ratio of poker novices to the experienced and intermediate players is enough to give skilled players an edge and the chance to consistently make deep stack runs. This also gives them a better shot at advancing to the final table of the tournament. Events with low buy-ins have fields which consist of 150 to 500 players. However, each of these tournaments also features side events which include deeper stacks.

The structure of these tournaments allow for as many as 2000 participants. The tournaments that have moderate to high buy-ins can draw in between 90 and 350 players. The buy-ins usually range from $20 to $150. The structure of the tournament allows players to win more than double the amount that they paid while buying in, if they are able to finish the tournament with a healthy stack.

Some of PKR.com’s famous deep stack tournaments are the Aussie Open and Monte Carlo. The Aussie Open features a $33 buy-in and users are allowed a 10,000 stack to begin playing with. There are 15 blinds and the prize pool consists of $4,500. Monte Carlo is an online tournament with a high end buy-in of $77. Players begin the game with 10,000 in chips. The number of blinds is 15 and like the Aussie Open, the prize money is $4,500.

One of the benefits of playing at these events is their structure is deep and the number of chips in the starting stack can be doubled. PKR makes the high roller events more affordable by offering ‘Half Price’ weekends. They allow players to take part in the high buy-in events for half of the original cost.

Tournaments Conducted Weekly and Monthly

PKR holds a tournament called ‘Main Event’. It is conducted over the course of two days each month. To qualify, players will have to pay as little as $1. Players who managed to make it to day 2 of the tournament and win a seat at the final table will be featured on PKR.tv. The site hosts tournaments to cater to the different tastes of players. There are several tournament formats like Sit and Gos and multi-table tournaments that can be played at PKR.com.




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