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  • Poker Central Shutting Down TV Broadcasts – Going All Digital

    Friday, December 23rd, 2016 by Jeremy Olsen

Launched in October 2015, Poker Central became the first TV network to offer 24/7 poker coverage. But at the end of this month, Poker Central will halt their TV coverage and go entirely digital and web-based.

The network is also cutting their live-streaming TV broadcasts. Viewers will only be able to see such programs via Poker Central’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

The current goal for Poker Central will be making the transition from a 24/7 dedicated channel to working with established networks like CBS Sports, NBC, and the Sports Network.

Joe Kakaty, Poker Central’s president, said the reason for all of the changes is that they want to better meet the needs of their viewers, which doesn’t involve running previously aired content.

“It’s a digital pivot because we saw our millennial audience wanted more content. But they wanted new, original content,” said Kakaty.

The fact that Poker Central is moving away from television isn’t a big surprise since more networks are transitioning from their own cable networks to streaming digital content.

“TV is not going away — it’s just how we’ll work with TV that is going to change,” added Kakaty.

Poker Central made a big splash when they aired everything from live tournament coverage to old High Stakes Poker episodes on TV.

But they’re moving away from the model that helped poker boom in the mid-2000s, and instead jumping on the modern trend.

In other poker TV news, a company called PokerVision Media announced that they’ll launch a Digital TV channel in 2017 that will run a digital TV channel including “poker, gaming, Esports and previously unseen levels of interactivity.”

The big difference between Poker Central and PokerVision is that the latter will only be available for Canadian audiences.




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