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  • Poker Heaven Adjusts Bonus Payout

    Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 by Mike

Poker Heaven has adjusted the bonus payout structure in a way that is much more beneficial to the poker player. Instead of basing the bonus on raked hands, they are switching to a dollar structure.

The bonus at Poker Heaven can be cleared like this. For every $30 is rake that you generate, they will release $10 of your bonus. If you play the lowest limits out there, you will lose out on this new bonus structure. However, if you play medium to high limit, you will clear your bonus in absolutely no time. Instead of waiting for 100 raked hands, you will clear this bonus in at least half of the time. This is good news for most online poker players.

For more information regarding Poker Heaven we have an extensive review on the fast growing online poker room.




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