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  • Poker Heaven Bonus upped to $200

    Saturday, July 22nd, 2006 by Mike

Poker Heaven has recently announced that they are upping the ante, regarding their first deposit bonus. Online Poker Rooms often compete against one another’s bonuses, waging a virtual war of poker bonuses on the internet. For these online poker rooms, it doesn’t matter how much they make off of you, as long as you are playing at their poker room. Rooms like Poker Heaven are fairly new and these poker rooms are offering interesting competition towards the bigger online poker rooms.

Poker Heaven has just raised their first deposit bonus from $100 to $200. Poker Heaven’s bonus is unique in the fact that the bonus is not dependant upon how much you deposit, just how much you play. For every 100 raked hands, $10 is released into your Poker Heaven account. As you play more and more, you clear your bonus. This bonus structure is very effective because it keeps you with a steady supply of money to play and keeps their table full.

Everyone wins with Poker Heaven’s Bonus. Visit Poker Heaven and see for yourself.




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