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  • Poker News:Boucher and Mizrachi Capture WSOPE Bracelets

    Monday, October 17th, 2011 by Nadia

WSOP Europe kicked off to an interesting start with two bracelets being awarded to Philippe Boucher and Michael Mizrachi. They won the bracelets in the preliminary rounds.

Mizrachi Dominates the Tables

In the final, Split Format Hold ’em No Limit table (€10,000 buy-in), Mizrachi was part of the top four playing for the title. In the semi-finals, Mizrachi played Roger Hairabedian. At the final stage of their match, Hairabedian got a set of fives when the board showed J-8-5, but Mizrachi did better when he landed a straight with a hand containing 7-6, ensuring his entry into the finals.

Noah Schwartz and Shawn Buchanan played against each other in the second semi-finals. Buchanan played carefully and was soon leading comfortably. Schwartz was forced to play his last chips in a mediocre bet. Buchanan raised only the minimum amount, pushing Schwartz to make a three-bet with his final chips with only an off-suit Ace and five. Buchanan quickly played his pocket Kings on a dry board and was declared the winner.

The Buchanan vs. Mizrachi match was an intense one, even though the latter entered the game with a chip lead of 2:1. Mizrachi was slowly able to further his leading position over the next two hours. Buchanan wasn’t able to keep up and his stack of chips steadily decreased. The tournament came to a harsh end when Buchanan drew an Ace-Joker combination against Mizrachi’s Ace-Ten. Luckily for Mizrachi, a ten was revealed on the flop, which gave him the lead. The fourth and fifth streets brought deuces which won Mizrachi his second WSOP bracelet.

Michael Mizrachi of U.S.A ended with €336,008; Shawn Buchanan of Canada ended with €207,624; Roger Hairabedian of France concluded with €112,092 and Noah Schwartz, also from U.S.A, won €112,092.

Boucher Decimates Opponents

The final match of the Six Handed Pot Limit Omaha (€1500 buy-in) was fast paced, a change from the usual final games in major championships. Nicolas Fierro of Chile entered the game with a chip lead. However, it was Philippe Boucher who decimated the competition.

After eliminating Jack Ellwood, Boucher worked his way through the tournament, knocking off a whole table along with Michel Dattani, on his path to winning the title. In their match, Dattani played his final chips while holding two Aces, a Joker and a seven. Boucher held an Ace, a Queen, a ten and a nine. The board gave two sixes, an eight, a Joker and a Queen, giving Boucher a straight and winning him his first WSOP bracelet – all within four hours.

Phillippe Boucher (of Canada) finished with €124, 584; Nicolas Fierro (of Chile) ended with €53,426; Michel Dattani (of Portugal) concluded with €76,982; Alexander Dovzhenko (of Ukraine) had €37,520; Jack Ellwood (of the UK) won €19,181 and Jared Solomon (of South Africa) got €26,676.

Other News from WSOPE

Day 1 A of WSOPE had 310 players participating in the Main Event. At the end, Jamie Rosen emerged in the lead with €162,700 worth of chips. 172 other players also qualified. The top 10 include Erik Friberg and Chris Moorman (UK). Johnny Chan (World Champion twice) is at 11th place. Carlos Mortensen, Ramzi Jelassi, Will Failla, Arnaud Mattern and Chad Brown are in the top 25.

Day one part B has 165 players participating, including Filippo Candio, Tommy Vedes, Robert Mizrachi, Shannon Shorr, Sandra Naujoks, Bryan Devonshire and Bertrand Grospellier.




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