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  • Poker News:Little Gold Book by Phil Gordon Released Recently

    Sunday, October 16th, 2011 by Nadia

The latest work by Phil Gordon – Phil Gordon’s Little Gold Book – released on October 11th, has come six years after the publication of his previous, Little Green Book. Gordon stated in his book that players like him are not fit for the modern day poker scenario. It is the young generation that dominates the game.

About Phil Gordon

Phil Gordon’s poker journey dates back to the year 2000. A noteworthy achievement of the player is his win at World Poker Tour (WPT) 2004 Bay 101 Shooting Stars. Gordon received $360,000 on this win. Soon after this achievement, Phil Gordon joined Celebrity Poker Showdown and worked as a commentator for about 42 episodes.

The player has achieved about 11 cashes since the year 2009. The most significant among these is his first-place finish in the World Series of Poker’s Ante Up for Africa Charity Event. To the surprise of everyone, the player donated the entire amount of his win to charity.

Gordon’s Little Green Book

The book is written with aim of showcasing poker as it exists today. Gordon describes it as ‘Poker 2.0’. Off-the-charts variance, high aggression and relentless pressure characterize today’s poker, according to Gordon. He also describes how the game evolved and states that what exists today is very different from what the game started as. In the present scenario, it is difficult for veteran players to succeed and Gordon describes himself as one such player.

Post-flop play, underlying calculations, EV or expected value and range combinatorics are some of the aspects which Gordon has addressed. The most interesting parts of the book are towards the end where Gordon describes his chat with 3 popular poker players of today – Daniel Cates, Annette Obrestad and Phil Galfond. The thoughts of these players on various aspects of the game have been highlighted by Gordon.

He discusses interesting concepts in his book: one such is his Ace-X Rule. Gordon said that players should count the number of opponents to act after him. If it is less than the kicker, the player is likely to have the best hand. Gordon offers several other tips like this in his book, which can serve as useful guides for poker enthusiasts. Gordon also puts down mathematical breakdowns pertaining to the game. This can help players new to the game develop a basic understanding of concepts and formulas. It can be crucial to helping new players compete with poker professionals.

Although the material of the book is praiseworthy, there are some areas which may come in the way of its success. Written before the Black Friday incident, Gordon talks about several poker tools which are not applicable in the game now. Tools like range simulators and heads-up displays, discussed in the book can play a key role in helping players excel in online poker. However, the tools cannot be applied in the present day poker scenario, especially in the United States. Gordon also makes occasional mentions of Full Tilt Poker in his book, because of his previous, close association with the poker room.




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