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    Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 by Nadia

Pius Heinz, a November Niner (2011) had his own logic for picking Day 1 A. He stated that he wanted to be able to leave Las Vegas if he fell out of the competition. The German, aged 22, said that he had been in Las Vegas for five weeks and was eager to go home and see his family and friends. He knew that if he got out on Day1 A, he would be able to get home sooner.

First Round at WSOP

Heinz would have had his wish granted during the first round of Day 1(A) if there had not been a great read. An hour after the main event started, a veteran and conservative player in the cutoff seat, tried limping for 100. Heinz had an Ace of clubs and a King of clubs and raised his bet to 450 and his bet was called by the opponent. The flop then revealed a 10 and 8 of clubs and a 2 of hearts. Heinz was then leading with 600 and the other player raised to 1,200 and Pius called.

Heinz’s surprise card was the last one, a 9 of clubs. Knowing he had a flush, Heinz then led for 1,800. His opponent raised the stakes to 5,000. Heinz called and won the game. He said that since then, he feels confident about his live reads. He has been transitioning from being an online player to a live one. According to him, he suffered initially from lack of experience. This had taken a toll on his first few WSOP events.

Developing His Style

Heinz describes his style as extremely aggressive, especially before a flop. He admits to trying to cut down on it when he is portrayed badly but feels that it is his default poker playing mode. This is a style often adopted by young players who started out online.

Pius developed his style, like many players of his generation, by playing with friends and studying online forums. He said that he started playing with his friends after watching High Stakes Poker on television. They then banded together to play poker together, choosing sit-and-go’s and small cash games.

WSOP Main Event

Heinz claimed that his online gaming experience helped him at the tournament. He also tried to look at it as just another tournament, and kept his cool. This approach seemed to work well for him for 7 days of the tournament. However, his blaze of glory nearly came to an end on Day 8 when he was one of the 11 players still in the tournament.

While playing against John Hewitt, Heinz felt that his streak was drawing to an end. However, a stroke of luck brought a 9 of diamonds on the river, giving him a straight and making his winnings approximately 16.5 million in chips. He finished the game with a stack worth 16.4 million.

Heinz is the first German to reach a WSOP final table. He stated that he hopes that his success will popularize poker in Germany. To win the $8.7 million cash prize and the most important WSOP bracelet, Heinz must defeat 8 other professional players.




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