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    Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 by Ryan

It seems that another online poker site has taken a major hit and will not longer be able to stay in business. This site is one that is one of the more popular online poker sites today, but one that still seems to fly under the radar a bit in Poker Nordica. They told their players that they would no longer be remaining in business on the 1st of the month, and it comes after many players were concerned about the site over the past few months. Poker Nordica was in business for six years in total before making this decision, and they are a part of the Merge Poker Network.

The site was incredibly reliable normally, but the players on the site began voicing concerns as they would submit customer support tickets that were getting no response from anyone with the site. In an interesting story that came out through the Two Plus Two poker forum, it was said that a player actually contacted the Merge Poker Network themselves, posted on the Facebook page for Poker Nordica, and sent messages to their Twitter account as well, but received no type of response at all. Finally, the network’s security department responded to the player and said that they did not receive any e-mails at all.

The players were told about the site shutting down through an email that was sent out stating that they would no longer be in business coming soon, and if you login to your Poker Nordica account you’ll find that there is a similar message stating that they have decided to close up for good. They have given players until the first of May in order to get their money out of their accounts, but the minimum balance required through the site to get a check is $115, so quite a few people will be left without being able to get their money off of this site. Players who do have less than the amount required for a check withdrawal can also do balance transfers to other sites on the Merge Poker Network if they choose to though.

When Poker Nordica originally started, this was back in 2006 when online poker had just started hitting it’s peak. While Poker Nordica never got to the elite level like some of the other online poker sites, they still had some consistent traffic and became the second largest online poker site on the Merge Gaming Network behind Carbon Poker. The Merge Gaming Network is the largest online poker site that allows United States based players currently, and is also the 8th largest in terms of all online poker sites out there as they average 1,640 cash game players over a seven day span.

For players who play on the Merge Gaming Network, there have been no reports out of any other online poker sites through them having any issues, and actually Carbon Poker is currently excelling thanks to their popular promotions like the recent Poker Maximus series that they ran. This series drew in a huge number of massive prize pools, and a great number of players in each of their events as well.




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