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  • Poker Pro Escapes Two Robbery Attempts

    Monday, December 2nd, 2013 by Ryan

It seems that this has been happening far too often over the past year or two, and we remember back to Jonathan Duhamel getting his house broken into and getting attacked. Professional poker players are becoming more and more popular, especially with the World Series of Poker and many other poker tours getting incredibly big and getting some massive followings as well. Poker pros are getting known and noticed all over the place by many, and on top of that we’ve seen robbery attempts and attacks start to happen more often as well. The most recent happened to a poker player by the name of Eric Riley, and he was nearly robbed not just one time, but twice, back to back times on November 30th.

Riley was heading to the airport and grabbed a ride from a friend of his named Junior. He was going to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, and when the two got to the airport, Riley got out of the car and was going to grab his bag from the trunk where he left it. As soon as he got out of the car though, and the trunk was popped, Junior flew off with the trunk wide open and Riley’s bag left in the back. Why was this such a big deal? Because his bag had $100,000 in cash that Riley was taking with him on his trip. Riley was quick to react that, and made a move to get the bag back.

The poker pro then jumped into the closest game, and got the driver to follow Junior’s vehicle. He caught up to Junior at a red light, and when they stopped Riley got out of the car and grabbed the bag out of Junior’s trunk. Things got even worse from here though, which shows that this was more than just a standard robbery. The report that came out states that after Riley grabbed his bag, that a black car pulled up nearby, and two men stated that they were undercover cops and said that they could help Riley get to wherever he needed to go by offering up a ride.

Riley accepted the ride from the two men, and soon after that he had a gun pulled on him by one of the two. The men told Riley to give them the $100,000 that was in the bag, but Riley held onto the bag as he jumped out of the car. From there, Riley got another cab that took him to the police so that he could report the two incidents. There hasn’t been much further information given out about these two robberies, or exactly how they were linked, but you can except that more information will come out in the near future. I’d also assume that the three men were working together in some way to get to Riley, and it was something that was planned to attempt to steal the money from him.

This is something that definitely needs to be brought to attention, as we’ve seen this happen in the past with athletes and other big names in Hollywood, but it’s happening more and more to poker players. It’s a well-known fact that most poker players travel with cash in hand to go to the big time tournaments or just to play in cash games in Las Vegas and at other casinos all over the world. Many poker players don’t even consider the fact that they may need some form of protection, but the more well-known that these players get, the more likely it is that something could end up happening, just as we saw with Duhamel, Riley, and other poker players in recent years.

A similar story came out about Sam Trickett, after he finished in second place in the Big One for One Drop, as he was attacked and beaten the night after winning the $10 million+ prize. It stemmed from his girlfriend being verbally harassed also, and things just turned from bad to worse from that point.

If any additional news comes out about the robbery attempts we will be sure to let you know, but we’re glad that Riley is safe and unharmed in this situation.




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