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  • Poker Stars to Meet With Players to Discuss Specific Topics?

    Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 by Ryan

Poker Stars is definitely the most popular and well-known online poker site in the world today, and now they are showing once again why they are consistently one of the best. They have decided that they will be hosting meetings with poker players at their headquarters. That is excellent news for anyone who is located near the Isle of Man, but doesn’t mean much if you aren’t anywhere near this area! But, the plan that they laid out is to talk with the players about confidential and sensitive company matters, and there will be multiple different poker forums that will have reps there to speak on their behalf. These meetings will be happening next month, and the plan as of now is to have them between April 11th and April 13th.

The Two Plus Two forum is where the entire idea was announced, as a forum moderator Mike Haven was contacted by a representative from the massive online poker site. The rep went by “PokerStars Steve”, and Mike Haven was asked if he could be a part of organizing the selection process of which players would be representing each specific online poker forum. According to Haven there are two specific reasons as to why Stars has decided to have these meetings. The first of which was focused on finding out different thoughts from the players. Stars is big on player input, and as Haven put it, they are able to “provide important feedback on the software”.

The second reason is probably the most interesting one, as Poker Stars wants to help players better understand exactly what they do and how they run things. Haven stated that there were some “important topics that it’s simply not appropriate for discussion in public”, and that Stars is hoping to answer these questions to the players to help players get a better overall understanding. This is a very interesting spot here, and Stars also said that they feel that “meeting the players in person will foster better communication”.

This relates in many ways to the situation that occurred back in December, when many of the poker players stood up against the changes that Poker Stars made to their site. These changes included their VIP program, and rake structure, both of which lost the high limit players quite a bit of additional money that they were consistently bringing in before the changes. The changes focused around the fact that instead of every player who was dealt cards in a cash game getting VPPs equally split up, players were only awarded VPPs based on how much they put into the pot.

To sum up exactly what type of hit that this would have on some players, a player said that while he normally reaches the Supernova Elite level, that the new system that was created would have lost him about $41,200 throughout a year in rewards and cash. The arguments by the players led to the huge sit-out that occurred on Poker Stars on the first of the new year, which led to some incredibly nasty forum posts coming from players as well. The protest was shut down by the online poker site, but they offered at that time to meet with players.




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