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  • Poker Trends – 5 New And Exciting Updates Expected In The World Of Poker

    Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 by t2admin

From the early 15th century when poker was first introduced to the American shores to current times when online poker, video poker and world class championships for charity events all focused on poker earnings and wins are regularly being organized and millions of dollars given away in prize money, not to mention fame, books, audio presentations and even movies being made on poker, the game has had an exciting innings.

However, avid poker fans will be pleasantly surprised to learn that poker trends have not just influenced game variations, number of players, accessories and venues but also other aspects of this gambler’s delight. This article features 5 of the most eagerly awaited poker trends predicted for the year 2011 and beyond – so take a look to see if you are ready for the future of poker!

#1 Poker Trend – More corporate sponsorships!

A welcome trend, most pro players would say and why not? The latest WSOP saw the emergence of this new trend of poker with TMC sponsoring a player who in turn openly promoted a freshly launched TV program called ‘The Fugitive!’ Poker players are increasingly being taken on as advertisement models, music video actors and even luxury accessories like Rolex watches (Phil Ivey).

# 2 Poker Trend – Pro agents for handling pro poker careers

A lot more poker agents are expected to come up in the next year to handle disputes among players and rooms with more mega deals being clinched by the top tournament winners who require agency representation to sort out legalities and ensure timely payments.

#3 Poker Trend – New poker websites and blogs

This new phenomenon comes as no surprise since the popularity of poker as a game that wins hearts and millions of dollars too, has ensured that more players have their own sites, blogs, ebooks and guides or programs to enable poker training to be shared with amateurs. Plus with lots more new poker enthusiasts joining in and older people getting the hang of playing poker on the computer, gaming rooms are likely to get more traffic so a likely trend is more poker websites to cater to this growing demand.

#4 Poker Trend – Innovative poker applications for better gaming

With the launch of new and slick gizmos like iPhones and online social networking sites like Facebook that integrate innovative contests for online poker games allowing members across the globe to win prizes if not real money, the fun and competitive aspect of points or gift certificate wins is very attractive for players.

#5 Poker Trend – Electronic Screens and tables that eliminate cards

Imagine playing poker with no cards! You have already heard of casinos with electronic poker tables that are high tech and sleek with flat screen monitors before each player that enables them to experience a hybrid live gaming situation – now you can look forward quick card deal minus the wait for shuffling these and zero dealer errors since the electronic poker table will do it all for you – much like the online poker rooms.




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