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  • Pokerfest 2011 to Be Held by PartyPoker

    Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 by Nadia

With PokerStars sponsored World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) on the verge of ending, tournament players are eager to test the virtual felt in the next online event. Till last year, they could move on to Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS). However, this year, the event will not take place as the poker room’s license has been cancelled. Now, PartyPoker is ready to fill the gap in the online poker tournament scenario. One of the largest online poker rooms, PartyPoker, announced its poker tournament, which will commence from October end.

Pokerfest will start on October 23rd. Featuring as many as 47 events, the tournament will continue till November 6th. The total guaranteed prize money offered by the poker room is $3 million. Most days will have 3 events. The buy-ins will be different for each of these events. For the small stake event, the buy-in will be a certain number of Party Points. The next event will have a bigger stake – a buy-in ranging from $6 to $33. The event with the highest stake will have buy-ins ranging between $55 and $1,060.

The Major Events

The major tournaments of Pokerfest include Event1, Event 23, Event 46 and Event 47. Event 1 will offer guaranteed prize money of $300,000 while Event 23 will offer $350,000 as guaranteed prize. Event 46 and 47 will have guaranteed prizes of $50,000 and $1 million respectively.

Event Qualifiers

Events having a buy-in of $55 and above will have qualifiers. Starting at a dollar, the qualifiers will follow a hierarchical structure. Through their wins, players can move up the ladder and the lucky one can get a Pokerfest seat. On winning a seat, a player can participate in any event with a buy-in corresponding to that in the qualifier.

Pokerfest Leaderboards

Three leaderboards will feature in PartyPoker’s Pokerfest. Each low buy-in, high buy-in and points buy-in event will have one leaderboard. Prizes are determined by the buy-ins of tournaments. Points buy-in leaderboards will have a prize pool of $5,000. The winner will receive $500. The prize pool of low buy-in leaderboard will be $30,000. The prize is worth $2,500. The first prize of the high buy-in leaderboard is $5,000, with a total prize pool of $65,000.

Pokerfest Side Events

Pokerfest will also give players the chance to win extra cash through various side events.

Pokerfest Jackpots: The event is worth $35,000. The first player to win 3 events in Pokerfest will receive a cash prize worth $20,000. There is also a prize for the player who reaches the final tables in 10 events. The first player to be able to do so will be rewarded with a prize of $10,000 cash. The player who becomes the first to cash 10 times in the Pokerfest will receive $5,000.

Daily Dollar Side Events: These events will commence from October 23rd. Two Daily Dollar Events will be held by the poker room, each with a buy-in of $1. Every tournament of this type will have special twists which players can discover once they start playing.

Prize Draw: A prize draw will be conducted by PartyPoker which will enable winning players to earn a raffle entry for any event they want to play. Lucrative prizes will be offered for the first 500 players of the draw. They will be rewarded with chip sets, iPads and a host of other merchandise.




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