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    Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 by Ryan

With all of the poker rooms that we’ve seen shut down over the past two years, anytime that we find a room getting shut down it’s never fun to write about, but it’s something that we have to simply deal with now. As tough as poker rooms shutting down can be for us to talk about, it’s even tougher for many of the players on the site who have money still on there, as they now have to move forward with getting the funds off of the site, and then finding an online poker site that fits their needs as well. We’ve seen a lot of rooms shut down, but below we are going to take a look at another online poker site that has fallen from the graces and will no longer be in business.

The main articles that you’ve probably seen about online poker sites being shut down featured the popular sites of Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, and a few others on top of that. All of this news pretty much came after Black Friday hit, and we’ve seen Full Tilt Poker come back from the dead in a big way just a few months ago. One site that we’ve actually seen shut down once before though was the site PokerRoom.com. PokerRoom.com actually re-opened though, and the news here isn’t great for players at their site.

The decision for PokerRoom.com to shut down this time seems like it’s going to be for good. The decision for them to shut down completely was posted on their website, and there really wasn’t much notice given the players. They are now one of the other online poker rooms that was unable to make it through the major hit that Black Friday put on traffic.

Unfortunately for players, the final day that the site would be up and running would be today, which is February 19th. This means that players cannot use anymore of their player points after today, and they would all be gone from the 20th forward. The same deal will stand for any of the bonuses that you’ve earned, but as far as the tournament tickets though, you can have those converted to cash and go into your account so that you are able to withdraw the funds from your account. For the cashouts that are available for players, you are going to be able to get the money off of the site through March 19th, or you will be able to move your money over to PartyPoker.com, which is one of the juggernauts of the online poker world.

The background behind PokerRoom.com is a big one, and this was actually one of the first online poker sites to really pick up steam and get going before online poker got rolling. They opened back in 1999, and obviously one of the biggest parts of its popularity came with the name itself of the online poker room, which meant that if you searched something like “online poker room” in a search engine, you were likely to find PokerRoom.com.

When the poker boom came, this saw PokerRoom.com become one of the largest and most popular poker sites out there. Many of the biggest poker players in the game at that time brought at least some of their action to this site, and they featured the opening of an online poker forum as well, which was called Pokah!, and this is now closed too.

Early on, PokerRoom.com was the largest and biggest name on the Ongame Network, and back in 2005 it was purchased by bwin. Ongame was not one of the online poker networks that was able to keep their head above water too well after the United States was almost completely out of the online poker game for all of the top sites. The first official shut down of PokerRoom.com came back in 2009, and the site made a comeback in January of 2012. Unfortunately, the comeback is over, and we’ve now seen the sites time come to a close.

Hopefully we don’t have too much more news relating to online poker rooms shutting down, but it seems that we’ve seen most of the damage from Black Friday already take affect against the poker sites that are going to be hit the hardest.




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