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    Monday, September 8th, 2008 by t2admin

Day 1A of the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Macau got underway Monday, September 1, as 125 of Asia’s most prolific poker players took to the tables. Andre “HoRRoR” Wagner ended Day 1A with the chip lead.

There was plenty of notable action on the first day of the event, especially regarding the day’s ending chip leader – Andre “HoRRoR” Wagner, who hadn’t actually planned on participating in the tournament. Coach Wagner had only intended to “accompany the others” to the first day of competition. Instead, he ended up entering the tournament, only to find himself with a sizable lead as game play came to a close Monday.

Another noteworthy happenstance was the early elimination of the Poker Stars.com professional poker player Barry Greenstein. He check-raised with pocket 3’s, then called his opponent all-in when another 3 came on the Flop. Unfortunately for Greenstein, his opponent held pocket 5’s, drawing another 5 on the River, and it was all over for Barry.

Three other hopefuls were met with a swift, unlucky demise from the tables – Holger “Tonding” Kanisch, Moritz “trader” Schmejkal and Francesco “BAndelfAnIE” Gitz. Kanisch was eliminated by Wagner himself, adding to HoRRoR’s final chip lead.

In the Pro blog, HoRRoR commented on his early success and interesting derailment of “Tonding”, with whom he was actually sharing a hotel room with. “The first real key hand was when I came to a new table with about 40k and found KK in the small blind in my second hand. The button open-raised, and I re-raised of course. The problem was that I knew the button all too well. It was Holger (Tonding), with whom I also share the hotel room. He already knows from the SnG’s that I am very loose, and thus he had to really consider if I also play this aggressively against him in a tournament.”

Obviously, it worked out well for HoRRoR, who finished the day well above the average chip stack. Holding the lead with more than 100,000 chips to his name at the end of PokerStars APPT Macau Day 1A, HoRRoR and 44 other remaining participants will make their way into Day 1B Tuesday, September 2.




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