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  • PokerStars Adds Mark Ioli as Super Nova Elite

    Monday, August 17th, 2009 by t2admin

In a recent PokerStars blog, the online poker giant announced they have another player who made their Super Nova Elite status. Mark Ioli is the latest player to earn the status and he is only the fourth player to be ranked Super Nova Elite this year.

Ioli is a twenty one year old from New York, the Long Island area, and he dropped out of school to focus on becoming a full time poker pro. Ioli had one goal in mind- to become a Super Nova Elite player at PokerStars.

Ioli commented to PokerStars.com that the year before he started playing full time he had made up his mind to get Elite status. He commented: “it’s certainly not something that happens on accident.” Ioli had been attending the University of Maryland and majoring in finance when he began playing the game while in college.

After two years at the university, Ioli made the decision to leave school and focus on poker full time. Ioli moved to Queens, New York and set up an office so he could play full time at PokerStars. Ioli commented: “I knew if I multi-tabled solely on PokerStars full time, I could guarantee myself an extremely profitable year. PokerStars definitely rewards you for putting in hours.”

Players who make the Super Nova Elite status earn major rewards from PokerStars. The players get access to free entries into major international tournaments, FPP Credits faster, massive milestone bonuses and much more.

Ioli has stated that he will be spending the rest of the year earning more bonuses and large amounts of FPP’s as well as competing in the WCOOP Main Event, PCA and the EPT Monte Carlo. He also states that once he becomes financially stable he will have the” freedom to later pursue various environmental and moral pursuits.”




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